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How your business benefits when you generate reviews

Increase CVR using social proof

Generate reviews and place them at key conversion points across your site to help influence shoppers' purchase decisions.

Bring more traffic to your site

Collect reviews to share on search and social by displaying stars and actual reviews in ads and organic search results.

Retain more customers

Use review generation software to get past buyers back to your store by using requests that upsell or offer coupons.
"Getting people truly involved with your brand is the most valuable thing you can do. You don't just want customers, you want shoppers, members, and advocates; people who feel like they are a part of something and will stick with you and spread the word."
Jake Kassan
CEO of MVMT Watches

Want to start generating more reviews?

What is review generation?

Review generation helps you turn happy customers into your best marketers, so you can expand your reach, attract new shoppers, and increase trust in your brand.

Customers trust other people, not brands. When people are shopping for a new product or service online, they look to past customers’ opinions for advice. By collecting and showcasing online customer reviews, you give shoppers valuable insight from past buyers, which can often be the driving factor in motivating them to make a purchase.

Review generation is all about finding opportunities to capture customers’ great experiences with your brand.  There are many ways to generate reviews, from sending an email after purchase to facilitating it on site using review generation software.

Why you should generate reviews

Generating reviews means better results on site and off. Reviews are a powerful tool for increasing trust and sales throughout the buyer journey. Collecting more reviews means you have more opportunities to place user-generated content across your site and in your marketing campaigns.

Increase on-site conversion

Product and merchant reviews build trust with prospective customers and help motivate them to continue right through to checkout. Seeing other shoppers’ satisfaction with your products gives visitors confidence that your products are high-quality, and helps translate this buyer confidence into increased on-site conversions.

Boost traffic from search & social

When used off site, reviews attract quality traffic that converts. Google crawls and indexes your reviews so they show up in SERPs, Seller Ratings & Product Listing Ads. This increases organic traffic and the effectiveness of your paid ads. Review generation is like SEO gold for online stores — the more reviews you have, the more content Google has to crawl.

Improve ad ROI

Ads that feature user-generated content have a 3x higher CTR on average than regular ads. Online shoppers who use search engines and social networks tend to ignore promotional messaging on their feeds and search pages; they don’t want to hear from brands, they want to hear from real people. By using review generation software to feature customer content on your ads, you can leverage community trust to bring more social referrals to your site.

Gain valuable insights

Reviews are key in understanding what your customers think of your service or products, and they help you make improvements to your business where it matters to your customers the most. Customers can give valuable insight into areas that you may not know to focus on, and can help you improve your online experience so that they keep coming back.


How Yotpo Helps You Generate Reviews

Yotpo is the most effective way to generate more authentic reviews from your customers. Yotpo’s secret weapon is the mail after purchase (or MAP), which is an email request sent to your customers after they make a purchase from your store.

Yotpo is the industry leader in review generation.

Our review request emails use proprietary technology driven by artificial intelligence, which results in a 40-50% email open rate and a 6-11% review response rate on average. By combining data-driven requests with a frictionless process that makes it easy for customers to submit no matter where they are or what they’re doing, 9x more customers write and submit reviews.

Average results with Yotpo:

  • 40-50% email open rate
  • 6-11% response rate
  • 9x more customers write & submit reviews

All-in-one review generation solution

Yotpo is the most comprehensive review generation platform.

Not only can you effectively get tons of customer reviews, but our solution also makes it easy to effectively leverage this content in your marketing and on site to increase traffic, sales, and retention. From automatically sharing your reviews on your social channels to displaying in customizable widgets on site, with Yotpo, you can use this content to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Collect every type of customer content, including site reviews, Q&A, and customer photos

Product & Site Reviews

Get feedback about your business and your customers’ experience or ask for reviews on specific products.

User-Generated Photos

Make it easy for customers to submit photos with their reviews.

Custom Questions

Ask specific questions about the reviewer or the product like “How old are you?” or “How would you rate the battery life?”

Generate reviews from every channel

Yotpo uses a variety of different channels to help you collect reviews from your customers on site and off.

In addition to post-purchase email review requests, our review generation software makes it easy to generate reviews on site with customizable widgets that your customers can fill out then and there.

You can also manually upload a list of customers to send requests to, choose from our wide range of integrations, and collect reviews after a customer support ticket has been opened and closed.

Measure Your Review Generation Results

See exactly how much content you’re creating when you generate reviews from customers and from which channels with our range of cohesive UGC dashboards designed to help you make data-driven decisions.

Understand Customer Sentiment

See customer satisfaction over time, identify your detractors and advocates by source, device, and more.

Control Your Content Collection

See how much content you’ve generated per channel and per product to identify opportunities and gaps.

Optimize Your Review Generation

Keep tabs on your response rate when you collect reviews and optimize to keep it up.

How can you generate reviews and improve response rates?

Data shows that there’s a serious science to asking for reviews – down to how to create the perfect subject line based on your industry, and what time of day is best to ask. For example, review generation rates jump by almost 20% between 1-3pm — probably because people are just getting back to their desks and emails after lunch and aren’t ready to jump into their work yet.

Hear from one of our UGC experts about the power of review generation across each eCommerce industry, and get all the data you need to craft the best subject lines for your review request emails.

User-generated content is an effective, engaging, and efficient way to showcase your brand, and bring more shoppers to your site. When you generate reviews and place them at key moments across your buyers’ journey, you are leveraging your best brand advocates to do your marketing for you. And the best part? It works!

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