Questions & Answers

Create a community around your brand with customer Questions & Answers

How can your business benefit from Questions & Answers?

Increase CVR

Community Q&A lets shoppers read the questions and answers of past buyers so they can get the information they need to make the purchase

Create a community around your brand

Shoppers would typically discuss your products on third party websites. Now you can hold these conversations on your site, and even join the conversation

Bring loyal customers back to your site

Community Q&A helps you leverage your past customers to help out potential customers, allowing you to build your own community of product experts.
“Q&A is a way for us to describe the product in a way we hadn’t even thought of as a company”.
Eric Bandholz
CEO of Beardbrand

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marketing channel

Drive potential customers to your site with Questions & Answers

Community Q&A acts as a communication channel between interested shoppers and past buyers, so you can drive engagement and increase word-of-mouth about your brand.

Your customers are bound to have questions. Creating a path for them to interact with you as well as other shoppers is not only a great way to get your shoppers to engage with your brand, but to show new visitors that you care about their satisfaction and experience.

Typically, brands have tended to take customer questions offline, opting to let support teams handle any issues that are raised by site visitors. But in a noisy online market where every buyer must sift through endless options to search for the product they want, providing a space for conversations where potential buyers can see them helps build trust around your brand. 

Why Customer Questions and Answers Matter

Customers who ask questions on site are 30% more likely to make a purchase. In publishing the questions and answers to product pages, you are giving your shoppers the information they need to feel confident about their purchase and go ahead and buy your product.

By creating a place for customer questions and answers on your site, you can build better relationships with your shoppers, so they keep coming back. Customer Q&A helps your brand:

Create more customer content

User-generated content (UGC) is content created by your customers that you publish to your site. Including reviews and customer photos, community questions and answers adds another form of customer content to your site that is relevant to consumers, and also great for SEO. Having customer questions and answers on your site means you’ll get more UGC to your site, which keeps content on your website fresh and engaging for potential shoppers.

Boost customer engagement

After a purchase is made by one of your shoppers, sending them questions about the product they purchased or their experience of your site helps re-engage them with your brand and encourage them to return to your site and purchase more.

Access consumer feedback

Questions and Answers present a valuable opportunity to gain insight into pain points for your customers. See clearly aspects of the customer journey you may not have considered, or know quickly any issues customers are having with your products. Use community Q&A as a great opportunity to know what your customers are saying about you, and to solve any issues quicker that may arise.

How does community Question and Answers work?

Community Q&A acts as a communication channel between interested shoppers and past buyers, so you can drive engagement and increase word-of-mouth about your brand.

Community Q&A makes it easy for your visitors to ask questions about your products right on your site. Once a shopper has asked a question, our system sends your team an email to let you know. In the email sent to you, you can easily find the question that has been asked and you have the option of answering it yourself right then or sending it to past customers – all from the community Q&A page in your Yotpo admin.

Each time an answer is published to the site, we email the visitor that wrote the question with the answer and a link back to the relevant product page. You can use your questions and answers tool to open a dialogue with your visitors, which helps humanize your brand, drive engagement, and increase word of mouth.

How can I build my community for Questions and Answers?

  1. Before launching a new range of products or making any major changes to your brand or business, email this group and ask for their feedback.
  2. If you have a refer-a-friend program or run special promotions on social media then make sure you target your community and get them involved, the combination of highly engaged customers and the viral nature of social media will help you maximize your efforts.
  3. Involve this community in helping you improve the look and feel of your site.
  4. Contact these individuals and try and speak to one a week over the phone to learn important insights into your customers (how they found you, their thoughts on your pricing etc).

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