Questions and Answers

What are Questions & Answers?

With questions & answers on your site, visitors to your site can ask questions about products and get answers from your team or past buyers.

This leverages a very old form of content — questions to a Support team or between peers — and turns it into a traffic and conversion driver for your business.

Q&A demo

Web visitors are going to have questions, you need to make sure you’re the one providing the answers.

Not only do eCommerce giants like Amazon provide this service but question and answer sites, like Quora and Yahoo Answers, leverage the popularity of this form of content by making an entire website around it.

Why do you need Questions & Answers on your site?

Questions & answers content on your site provides a few big benefits:

  • Increased conversions. One of the main reasons a customer won’t complete a purchase is because they have unanswered questions. Allowing them to ask these questions on your site will increase eCommerce sales. Customers who ask questions on site are 30% more likely to buy.
  • Valuable user-generated content. User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most important and valuable forms of content you can have on your site. Having customer questions and answers on your site means you’ll get more UGC.
  • Customer engagement. When you send questions to past buyers, they become re-engaged with your brand and return to your site to buy more.
  • Consumer feedback. When you see what questions people are asking on your site, you get insight into their pain points and concerns. This valuable customer feedback helps you create a better site and online shopping experience.

How do you get your users to create Questions and Answers?

If you use a question and answer plugin, you can easily collect questions and answers from your customers.

With Yotpo’s question and answer widget, visitors can submit product questions on site and you can choose if you’d like to answer them in-house or send the questions to past buyers of that product. It’s extremely easy to integrate and customize this widget.

With Yotpo, 75% of questions are answered by past buyers due to our exclusive in-mail technology.
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