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Content Manager, SMS @ Yotpo
October 4th, 2021

How to Collect SMS Subscribers Wherever Your Customers Are

 Yotpo SMSBump makes it easy to grow your subscriber list with tools for capturing customer attention online, across channels, and in-store for maximum growth MoM.

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The strength of your brand’s SMS marketing ultimately hinges upon whether or not you are able to grow and sustain a list of engaged subscribers. And you can’t do that with a single pop-up or widget. SMS targets mobile consumers, so it’s critical that you collect subscribers wherever your mobile consumers spend their time, and do so in ways that are optimized for the mobile experience.

Why? Brands who provide a variety of subscriber collection experiences are known to increase collection rates by over 40% MoM. In fact, the most successful brands and SMS marketing programs take every opportunity to catch their customers’ eyes with a well-rounded approach to subscriber collection.

Using Yotpo SMSBump, your brand can collect subscribers everywhere — with tools built for use on-site, across channels, and offline — to grow your largest mobile audience and keep it growing. Here’s how to spark interest in your SMS program just about anywhere and kick-start your subscriber growth like all the top brands.


Most shoppers decide to opt in to SMS after becoming familiar with a brand or browsing their website, and this is one of your best chances to engage them. Our online subscription tools allow you to create captivating on-site experiences, with 30+ templates that can be customized to your brand’s look and feel. Not only that, we offer advanced behavioral display options to target each on-site visitor with the subscription experience that is most likely to get them to convert. Here are a few online strategies we recommend to our brands:

Pop-up window: Grab your customer’s attention right from the start with an on-brand pop-up on your website. Pop-ups can take many forms, giving you the ability to target desktop and mobile shoppers alike, shoppers from different geos, and more to suit your needs. Plus, every pop-up is optimized for mobile with our double-tap feature, so customers can subscribe from their phones effortlessly.

Pro tip: For those shoppers who haven’t opted in to either SMS or emails, use our top-converting SMS & email double-tap pop-up to capture both in one engaging touchpoint on a mobile device. Customers first submit their email, and then natively text to sign up for SMS, ensuring minimal action on their end and 2x lift in CVR for SMS capture.

Dedicated sign-up page: Create a dedicated landing page to showcase all the great things your SMS program has to offer, and direct your customers there to collect their phone numbers for simple sign-up.

Checkout opt-in: A customer who is completing a purchase is already engaged, making the checkout experience a prime opportunity to showcase your SMS program. In fact, a recent Yotpo survey found that over 51% of shoppers want to receive direct order status and delivery notifications via text — a huge motivation to opt in when submitting an order. So add an opt-in field to your checkout page and watch your subscriber list grow. This is now easier than ever: As part of the Yotpo x Shopify partnership, Shopify brands can collect out-of-the-box SMS consent natively at checkout. With a few simple clicks, you can activate the most seamless checkout opt-in experience for your customers.

Footer widget: While a pop-up can be closed out, the SMS footer widget remains fixed to the bottom of your website to regularly remind customers to sign up. Add one to your site with a clear incentive or call to action to capture existing traffic.

Across channels

Today’s consumers are not just mobile, they are multi-channel — communicating using more tools and interacting with more apps on their phones than we can count. To extend your SMS program’s reach, meet them in all the places they are most active, like social media and email, to drive them to convert while they are already engaged.

Facebook: Promote your SMS program to your Facebook community through posts, stories, or even chats using a dedicated SMS sign-up link. Attract scrollers with an on-brand visual or enticing incentive, like 10% off their order, to drive them to click.

Instagram: We make SMS subscriber collection on Instagram simple. Connect your SMS sign-up directly to your story so your social media followers can subscribe as they consume your content — all they have to do is swipe up.

Email: One of the easiest ways to expand your mobile audience is by going directly to your existing email subscribers. Send them a targeted campaign to encourage them to sign up, or include a regular call to action in your newsletters. Keep in mind that 36% of shoppers will sign up for SMS in addition to emails if each channel has its own exclusive offers, so take this opportunity to demonstrate the unique value of your text marketing.

Tools for every channel: Link directly to your SMS sign-up page, open up a native SMS window, or use keywords to collect subscribers in any of the above scenarios. With keyword subscription, your customers can text a catchy word or phrase to your brand’s number to officially opt in to SMS. Share the keyword and phone number on a branded social media post or via email for a straightforward, consumer-friendly approach.


It’s also important to take foot traffic into account when seeking out your SMS subscribers, and Yotpo can help to bridge that gap between brick and mortar retail and eCommerce. Collect SMS subscribers regardless of whether they prefer to shop online or in your physical store using text to subscribe, QR codes, or the point-of-sale (POS) subscriber collection method at checkout.

Text to subscribe: Keywords are great for collecting subscribers because they can work anywhere. Decorate your in-store materials — such as print inserts, posters, and cards — with your keyword so your customers can easily text you to subscribe.

QR code: Much like keywords, QR codes are easy to print and share. Your customer can scan the code with their phone and a pre-filled text message will appear ready to be sent to your brand. Once they hit send, they’ve opted in, and you’ve gained a new subscriber in a matter of seconds.

POS: Finally, give in-store shoppers the opportunity to opt in to SMS with a point-of-sale CTA. You can provide this sign-up option directly within the store checkout experience using our POS integration. Train your team to promote your SMS program to maximize conversions.

Trust Yotpo with your SMS subscriber growth

If your brand is looking to grow a more engaged mobile audience, trust Yotpo SMSBump to get you on the fast track to reaching your subscriber goals. Our subscriber collection tools enable top brands to attract shoppers wherever they are — on a website, in their inbox, on social media, and even at the checkout counter — so there is never a missed connection. Just look at LSKD, whose subscriber growth soared 310% in just six months.

Dive into our SMS Marketing Examples to learn more about collecting subscribers and explore all the different ways you can text them once they’ve opted in.

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