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Aimee Millwood
Director of Content at Yotpo
September 21st, 2016

What are the strategies that turn small businesses into successful, scalable companies?

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There’s no doubt that the brands that succeed know something about sustaining growth as they scale.

They’ve been through the journey the hard way and have the hands-on experience that can help other businesses follow in their footsteps.

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Inside the Course

Learn more about what we’ll cover in this course and who you’ll be learning from:

Lesson 1: How to Use Visual Marketing to Grow Your Business on Instagram

In this lesson, Griffin Thall, the co-founder of Pura Vida Bracelets, shares how he built a multi-million dollar brand in just a few years with the help of visual marketing.

Pura Vida knows a thing or two about Instagram – they currently have over 615,000 followers and their ads average 4x ROI.

“The number one most important rule of social is that you need to keep your audience interested. If people are watching a boring channel, they’re going to change it,” Griffin says.

Get more visual marketing tips from Griffin.

Lesson 2: Monetizing Inbound Commerce to Grow Your Business

Sam Mallikarjunan, one of the most respected marketers in the business, shares what he has learned over his career about the best strategy for scaling a business in a financially smart way.

Sam is currently the Principal Marketing Strategist at HubSpot and teaches Advanced Digital Marketing at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education.

See what Sam has to say.

Lesson 3: How User-Generated Content Impacts All Your Growth Metrics

Tomer Tagrin, co-founder and CEO of Yotpo, has helped over 165,000 eCommerce businesses grow their traffic and sales with user-generated content. He address data-backed ways that user-generated content impacts  growth throughout the buyer journey – and how it’s value exponentially grows over time.

Brands with strong user-generated content marketing campaigns will enjoy much more sustainable growth than their competitors. If you are able to engage customers and generate authentic content that is transparent, socially-integrated, personalized, data-driven and insightful, you will lead your businesses into success,” Tomer says.

Get a taste of Tomer’s tips.

Lesson 4: Maintaining a Positive Customer Experience As You Scale

Tommy Walker is the editor-in-chief of the Shopify Plus blog and the former editor of the popular eCommerce blog, Conversion XL. Working at Shopify Plus, he is intimately familiar with the growing pains of stores as they go from small operations to full-scale businesses.

He takes a look at a vital element many businesses forget as they grow: the value of a positive customer experience when taking your business to the next level.

See Tommy’s suggestions.

Lesson 5: How Smart Branding Drives Sustainable Growth in a Crowded Industry

Veronique Powell is the Director of Strategy and Planning at ThirdLove, an eCommerce lingerie business co-founded by an all-star team of eCommerce and marketing experts who have previously worked at Google, Aeropostale, GAP, and more.

In this lesson, Veronique explains how growing businesses can build branding that furthers their growth.

Learn from Veronique.

Lesson 6: How to Scale Your Business By Automating Your Marketing

Michael Perry is the Director of Kit at Shopify. In his growth lesson, he shares what he’s learned about how business owners can automate marketing to spend more time on the tasks that matter most.

Hear more from Michael.

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