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Last updated on February 7, 2024

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Doug Baltman
Product Marketing @ Yotpo
September 19th, 2016 | 2 minutes read

In an A/B test, Campus Protein found the true value of customer photos.

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The Company

Campus Protein is an online marketplace where college students can get deals on workout supplements.

Fuel is Campus Protein’s own supplement, which it sells alongside some of the industry’s biggest names like Cellucor, MAN and Rule One.

The original product page for Fuel included a big product image, an attractive red-white color scheme, and trust symbols like reviews and Q&A:


The original product page already had strong performance. 20.7% of visitors to this product page made it to the checkout page, most likely because Campus Protein has a loyal customer base with many return customers who make regular purchases.

The Test

Using VWO, Campus Protein tested the impact of adding customer photos to the product page below the fold. All the photos were either curated from Instagram using their hashtag #TeamCP or they were uploaded in reviews.

The gallery included a powerful combination of photo types:

  • Results-oriented photos of customers flexing after a workout
  • Personal photos of customers holding the product
  • Lifestyle photos of customers combining the product with other healthy choices

Here’s the variation:



The Results

The test ran for three weeks and had 350 participants.

The page with customer photos resulted in a 28.9% increase in the amount of visitors who went from the product page to checkout.

The rate increased from 20.7% to 26.7%.

Even though the conversion rate of the product page was already quite high, this A/B test indicates that there may always be room for more improvement in product pages.

Why the Variation Won

People take workout supplements in order to get stronger, not just for the sake of having or using the supplement.

In this case, the pictures showed the results from past buyers. When shoppers see photos of customers flexing, it shows that the product works.

Shoppers see pictures of the results, and since the results are more important than the product itself, they trust the product more and are more likely to buy.

You can also see results like Campus Protein’s. With the release of our latest visual marketing tool, Social Curation, you can easily share customer photos on your product pages and more.