Last updated on December 12, 2023

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Aimee Millwood
Director of Content at Yotpo
April 14th, 2016 | 3 minutes read
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Imagine having a quick and easy way to create engaging, effective Facebook ads that customers actually want to click.

Facebook ads have enormous potential to grow traffic and sales.

But knowing how to create Facebook ads that get clicks and engagement isn’t always so easy. Many businesses fail to grow traffic on social because they don’t know how to create social ads that grab customers’ attention.

Using customer-created content in your Facebook advertising strategy is the answer. Integrating real customer reviews in social advertising cuts through banner blindness so brands can be heard among the noise.

We’ve long known sharing reviews on Facebook is an effective way to increase conversions and drive more traffic to your site. But now, you can use these reviews in Facebook ads to get more bang for your buck.

Meet Yotpo Ads for Facebook: The Easiest Way to Create Effective Facebook Ads

Engagement-grabbing Facebook advertisements are now at your fingertips. To make it even easier to create authentic Facebook advertisements in minutes, we’ve created a tool to help you create advertisements from reviews. A tool so awesome Facebook chose it for a case study.

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Yotpo Ads for Facebook is a quick, hassle-free tool that allows users to turn verified customer reviews into Facebook advertisements. These ads have built-in social proof that don’t interrupt the social browsing experience, but seamlessly show possible customers what other shoppers had to say about their experience.

The data shows Yotpo Facebook Ads have…

  • 4x higher click-through rates
  • 50% cost of acquisition
  • 50% drop in cost-per-click

11 Tips to Create Excellent Facebook Ads

1. Don’t try to attack the big dogs – it usually delivers bad performance. Instead, get specific and target direct competitors in your niche.

2. Avoid targeting Facebook’s default interests (such as shoes, home decorating, or energy drinks). These are too general and unlikely to be effective.

3. Use retargeting ads! Native Facebook ads are very important as they bring new traffic to your website. However, retargeting ads target only your recent website visitors. So, while they tend to have a smaller reach, they are great for getting more conversions.

4. Don’t exhaust your audience! Make sure to follow the performance of your ads and once an ad has been running for a while, replace it with a fresh ad.

5. Be creative but keep it short: use the title of your ads to attract people, but try to stick to one sentence. Long ad titles have a much lower click through rate.

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6. Avoid creating more than two ads targeting the same audience: you would be competing against yourself instead of reaching more people.

7. Watch that frequency! If your frequency is higher than four or five, your audience is seeing your ads way too much and will quickly start opting out or ignoring your ads.

8. Use relevance score. This new feature Facebook recently rolled out lets you understand the relevancy of your ads to your audience. You should try and get at least a six to assure a good performance.

9. It’s normally smarter to run fewer ads with a high budget than many ads with a low budget.

10. Always leverage social proof. People are on Facebook to socialize, so integrate their friends’ opinions, number of subscribers, and customer content into ads to make the ad more social.

11. Test, test, test! Never assume you know what will work best for your business. Let the data show you. Try different audiences and different creatives to really see what gets those people to convert.