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Hybrid Loyalty Is A Must-Have

In-store, online, via mobile — shoppers are everywhere, and they expect their loyalty experience to follow suit.

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With the unprecedented adoption of digital in 2020 and 2021, customers’ shopping habits have changed forever. Gone are the days of the single-channel shoppers; innovative enterprise businesses understand that offering a hybrid shopping experience is key to future-proofing business. Brands need to make switching between online and in-store shopping seamless, especially regarding loyalty.

The rise of the online-offline shopper is here

When asked how they wanted to engage with a loyalty program, most global shoppers (59.8%) said they wanted to use their mobile devices while shopping online. This number was closely followed by the 48.5% of shoppers who wanted to use their mobile device while shopping in-store.

But, digging deeper into these preferences highlights the importance of online-offline connectivity. Of the shoppers who wanted to use their mobile device in-store, almost 70% also wanted to engage with a loyalty program via mobile online. And the same rings true vice versa. Of the shoppers who wanted to use their mobile device while shopping online, almost 50% also wanted to engage with a brand’s loyalty program using their mobile device while shopping in-store.

Engaging with a loyalty program can mean many things to shoppers. When asked about their preferred in-store loyalty experience, the majority of respondents wanted to earn points for purchase. Considering over a quarter of shoppers (25.2%) say that their biggest frustration with loyalty programs online and offline retail’s disconnect, respondents’ answers reiterate the flexibility shoppers expect from their favorite brands.

Customers readily go back and forth between online and in-store. Shoppers scroll through brands’ retail sites while waiting in line at their brick-and-mortar locations. With COVID-19, shoppers reconsidered their in-store experience. Comfort and convenience are top concerns for many customers, which also colors how consumers view their loyalty experience.

It’s clear that most consumers prefer to use their phones while engaging with brands’ loyalty programs in-store — 70.1% of respondents, to be exact. So rather than sticking to associate-led loyalty experiences, brands should embrace how willingly shoppers use their mobile devices.

Customer-led redemption empowers shoppers to take control of their in-store loyalty experience. Scannable QR codes throughout the brick-and-mortar store prompt customers with an email link to sign in or register for a loyalty program. From there, customers monitor their loyalty status, redeem rewards, and cash in discounts — all from their phones.