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Loyalty Unlocks Zero-Party Data

Cookies have crumbled, but shoppers will offer their data for those sweet, sweet loyalty perks.

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Third-party cookies are crumbling, and without them, brands are scrambling to collect customer data. This past year, zero-party data, or information customers readily volunteer about themselves, became a potential solution to marketers’ pesky cookie problem. But, are shoppers really interested in sharing their personal data?

Shoppers willingly share data with their favorite brands

Most global respondents (81.9%) said data transparency was important to them when asked. Shoppers want to know exactly how their data is used by brands — what’s collected, for what purpose, and to what end. Given growing pressure on federal agencies and private sector companies to crack down on data tracking, it’s no surprise that shoppers feel strongly about this topic.

Over 68% of respondents answered affirmatively when asked how willing they were to share their personal information in exchange for loyalty rewards and/or personalized loyalty experiences. So while shoppers are concerned about how brands use their data, shoppers are willing to share it with the brands they love in exchange for VIP-level loyalty experiences.

In exchange for personalized offers, tailored discounts, exclusive experiences, and other loyalty perks, the majority of shoppers are willing to share their:

And, less than 4% of global respondents said they are unwilling to share any type of personal data.

Information like product preferences and specifications makes it easy for brands to offer shoppers the personalized experiences they crave. Customers go from unknown shoppers to known loyalty members with the data they happily volunteer.

Mizzen+Main, a popular men’s fashion brand, uses loyalty points to incentivize shoppers to take their Style and Fit quiz and share data like shirt and pant size, preferred clothing styles, and height. Using the information collected, the brand can completely transform shopper experiences through product recommendations, personalized emails, timely SMS messages, and more.

Cookies have crumbled, but shoppers will offer their data for those sweet, sweet loyalty perks.

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