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SMS, the Mobile-First Channel

Texting is how modern consumers prefer to communicate. With these five SMS marketing best practices, you are guaranteed to engage them and maximize the performance of every text you send.

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On average, we check our phones every four minutes, or 344 times per day. If you are reading this on your phone, you are part of the 59% of consumers who choose mobile over desktop to catch up on the news, scroll through memes, and…shop.

What was once merely a communication device is now a primary revenue stream for brands – with just a few taps on their phone, today’s consumer can discover and purchase their favorite products, so it’s not surprising that mobile commerce sales are expected to reach $700+ billion by 2025. How can you use this opportunity to put your products at customers’ fingertips? Start texting.

The Power of SMS

More than half of the respondents in a Yotpo survey (51%) said they are interested in being able to text with their favorite brands, and over 80% of shoppers are already signed up to receive text messages from at least one brand.

Why? SMS offers them a personalized and seamless mobile experience that other channels can’t match — over 55% of shoppers say they prefer SMS to other marketing channels because it’s immediate, convenient, and allows them to quickly get updates, while 60% find texts from brands engaging when they are relevant to their interests and past purchases.

Brands that have adopted SMS enjoy up to 35% CTR and 25x+ ROI from advanced automations and targeted campaigns. Here’s how we recommend you leverage text marketing to effectively engage with your customers at every step of the buyer’s journey, nurture loyalty, and drive repeat sales.

Five ways to get the most out of SMS marketing

1. Maximize each brand-customer engagement with SMS flows based on real-time behavior

Consumers today are overwhelmed with choices. The ever-growing competition and the ever-shortening customer attention span are challenging eCommerce brands to look for new and effective ways to stand out and keep themselves top of mind. So how can you make sure to meet shoppers’ needs and expectations at every step of their buyer’s journey?

Using automated SMS sequences to send timely and relevant messages at key touchpoints will ensure customers are going down the most relevant path for them with personalized on-brand experiences around the clock. Flows will enable your brand to create captivating consumer journeys across the entire sales funnel based on factual data, such as personal interests, product preferences, and previous purchase history. They will help you greet newcomers, recover abandoned carts, pamper VIP customers, or win back inactive shoppers – all on autopilot.

With Yotpo SMSBump, you can choose from a library of more than 40 powerful SMS flows and tailor them to fit your brand’s voice. These flows are fully customizable and work in the background of your online store, doing all the heavy lifting for you and giving you peace of mind that all of your customers are well taken care of, even if you are not looking.

Though automated, SMS flows allow for highly personalized customer experiences that will maximize the value you get out of each engagement. Implement them now to your marketing strategy to establish a stronger connection with shoppers, reduce churn, and nurture existing relationships to increase customer lifetime value.

2. Drive more sales with timely and ultra-tailored SMS campaigns

The significant rise of customer acquisition costs along with the continuous privacy changes have urged eCommerce brands to reevaluate their marketing efforts and shift their focus away from third-party data solutions towards owned channels that allow for highly personalized customer experiences. SMS is a superior solution to these and other marketing challenges.

Let’s say you have a brand new collection and you are looking for the fastest (and cheapest) way to put your products right at the center of your customers’ attention. Or you are launching a time-sensitive BOGO offer for a seasonal event like Father’s Day and you want to make sure your audience knows all about it.

Sending a personalized text message with an appealing visual, strong offer, and actionable CTA is the best formula for sky-high engagement and conversion rates. What’s more, with the help of over 40 data points in Yotpo SMSBump, you can target shoppers based on demographics, product preferences, and buying behavior to make sure you send the right message to the right people and provide ultra-targeted shopping experiences.

Why is that so important? When asked, 54% of the respondents in our survey said they are more likely to make a purchase if the messages they receive are personalized, and over 41% are willing to share information with a brand in order to receive a more tailored SMS experience.

See for yourself the difference between a personalized marketing campaign and a generic one. Which would make shoppers hit the purchase button, and which is more likely to end up marked as spam?

Personalization is no longer just “nice to have” — it’s essential. Using a direct and intimate channel such as SMS to provide tailored customer experiences will help you successfully grab the attention of your audience, build deep emotional connections, and keep shoppers coming back for more.

3. Build long-lasting relationships with two-way conversations

A happy customer is a repeat customer. And what brings shoppers true satisfaction? Excellent customer service.

With the rise of mobile usage and the new reality of omnichannel experiences, brands need to be available at all times and on all channels. Or as Samantha Tepper from Assembly puts it: “If a brand isn’t everywhere, it will lose to someone who is.”

As texting is native to modern consumers, this is also how they prefer to communicate with brands. Our survey showed that over half of shoppers (56%) would be interested in sharing their product feedback with their favorite brands directly through text.

SMS enables brands to engage in meaningful one-on-one conversations with customers, cater to their needs, and answer all of their questions in real time.

Having a direct line of communication with your customers will help nurture lasting relationships, boost engagement and CLTV. In addition, you can integrate your SMS marketing program with your favorite help desk solution to streamline the entire process and offer stellar customer service.

4. Use SMS to take shoppers on the fastest path to purchase

Nowadays, convenience is king. Offering seamless and frictionless shopping experiences is the new mantra for every brand, especially with the fierce competition in the eCommerce ecosystem.

From the very first moment they see your product until the payment is processed and the order is confirmed, your potential customers undergo many different steps — and you risk losing them at each and every one of them. SMS allows brands to take shoppers on the fastest path to purchase with the help of the Click-to-Buy instant campaigns.

With Click-to-Buy, you can send targeted SMS campaigns and all your subscribers need to do is click on a link in the message to be taken directly to checkout. It’s quick, hassle-free, and convenient. Such advanced features allow brands to shorten the path to purchase, drive more sales than ever before, and boost the ROI of every text they send.

5. Pair SMS with the rest of your marketing stack to amplify results

Besides being a highly effective and profitable channel on its own, SMS can work great with the rest of your marketing stack too.

Use both SMS and email to approach shoppers around big retail events and help them engage with your brand on a channel of their choice. Pair SMS with your loyalty program to skyrocket adoption rates, reward engagement, and maintain a close relationship with your most important customers as they go up the VIP tiers. Leverage SMS flows to send product reviews after every purchase to drive valuable user-generated content (UGC) your way.

Does your brand offer subscriptions too? Use automated text messages to notify subscribers of their next subscription shipment or remind them of an upcoming payment.

As a highly versatile channel, SMS can be easily integrated into your overall strategy and help enhance the performance of all your key marketing programs.

Build an SMS program for the future

Your customers are on their mobile devices all the time. Which means your business has to be, too.

In the new age of mobile commerce, brands that cater to mobile consumers and offer frictionless shopping journeys are the ones that will thrive. Use SMS to get your products into your customers’ inboxes, and into their hands, before your competitors beat you to it.

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