Last updated on November 22, 2023

Moran Khoubian
Director of Global Partner Marketing
July 7th, 2020 | 4 minutes read

We’re proud to announce that SMSBump has been selected as a Shopify Plus Certified App, joining an elite group of partners that have been handpicked for their ability to provide merchants with the highest level of quality and service.

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SMSBump, a Yotpo company and leading SMS marketing solution, is now an official Shopify Plus Certified App.

With that designation, Yotpo’s entire suite of category-leading eCommerce marketing solutions – including Reviews, Visual UGC, Loyalty & Referrals, and now SMS Marketing – are included in the Certified App Program, which gives Shopify Plus merchants access to a wealth of best-in-class tools that solve their complex business needs. 

While the program certifies other point solutions, Yotpo is the only family of integrated apps with this designation. Customers that choose Yotpo and SMSBump know they are getting a vetted, high-quality solution that is native to the Shopify platform and works seamlessly with essential Shopify functions.

SMSBump: A Shopify Leader in SMS Marketing

With more than 60,000 users, SMSBump has established itself as a leader in the text marketing field. Its best-in-class features are specifically built for Shopify, providing full compatibility with all of its systems, including Shopify flows, tags, customized checkout, advanced data, and POS. This alignment results in powerful campaigns, as brands can use all of their Shopify data to create and reach highly-targeted audiences in SMSBump, resulting in over 25x ROI.

SMSBump also integrates with Yotpo’s full eCommerce marketing platform, making it the only solution that connects SMS with user-generated content and loyalty. Brands can easily generate even more UGC, as well as increase CLTV and loyalty program adoption, directly through SMS. 

These industry-leading features make SMSBump an essential tool for brands looking to adopt this rapidly growing marketing communications channel; in May of this year, SMSBump saw a 124% year-over-year increase in the number of text messages being sent from brands using the platform, and our consumer survey shows that SMS is a close second to email as the preferred method to communicate with brands.

With a 6-8x higher engagement rate than email, it’s easy to see why SMS marketing has seen such impressive growth — and SMSBump’s certification makes it an obvious choice for brands looking to add SMS to their marketing plan. 

What is the Certified App Program?

The Shopify Plus ecosystem boasts thousands of apps all vying for merchants’ attention and business, which can make it challenging for brands to select the right solutions. Shopify Plus merchants also run complex businesses with constantly evolving needs, leaving little room for error when it comes to deciding which apps to run. 

Shopify Plus built the Certified App Program to narrow the field down to only the top performers in various categories, connecting merchants with only the highest quality solutions that have met certain standards.

“The Shopify Plus Certified App program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world’s fastest-growing brands,” said Loren Padelford, GM, Shopify Plus. “We’re happy to welcome Yotpo to the program, bringing their insight and experience in Reviews, Loyalty, Referrals, and SMS Marketing to the Plus merchant community.”

How Yotpo Was Selected

As Shopify Plus Certified Apps, Yotpo and SMSBump have successfully undergone thorough evaluations on the ability to provide merchants with reliable and high-quality solutions for Reviews, Visual UGC, Loyalty & Referrals, and SMS Marketing. This includes:

  • Product performance: Yotpo is deeply integrated with the Shopify Plus platform and offers a consistently positive experience for merchants. Moreover, Yotpo and SMSBump integrate with top Shopify apps, including Klaviyo and ReCharge.
  • Service level: Yotpo offers 24/7 merchant support, delivered with fast response times.
  • Privacy and security: Yotpo meets high standards for data management and consumer privacy and complies with all industry regulations, including GDPR, TCPA, and CTIA.
  • App Store star rating: Yotpo boasts a near-perfect rating, based on thousands of reviews.

SMSBump joins the Certified App Program with other category-leading solutions that have been recognized for their commitment to merchant success, including Klaviyo, Listrak, Nosto, Justuno, Avalara, and more.

Fueling Our Vision

SMSBump’s inclusion in the program further solidifies Yotpo’s ongoing commitment to the Shopify Plus ecosystem, in our quest to provide merchants with the best tools for every facet of their eCommerce marketing strategy. This development is a direct reflection of our mission to align product, services, and overall customer experience with the evolving needs of Shopify Plus brands.

“We’re incredibly proud to be part of the new Certified App Program alongside a select group of other leading tech partners,” said Will Schnabel, SVP Business Development & Partnerships, Yotpo. “This is an exciting milestone in our longstanding partnership with Shopify, and is a testament to our shared commitment to fueling growth for the Shopify Plus merchant community.”

You can learn more about Yotpo’s integration with Shopify Plus here.