Cristina Dinozo
Senior Director of Marketing Communication @ Yotpo
March 19th, 2018

Artificial intelligence gives brands the ability to “read” user-generated content to facilitate customer-centric business decisions


Yotpo, the leading user-generated content marketing platform, has announced the availability of their new feedback analysis solution “Insights” at Shoptalk, the world’s largest conference for retail and eCommerce innovation. Insights enables marketing, customer service, and product teams to better understand customer feedback at scale, with real-time business intelligence to improve the overall customer experience, as well as inform operational, commercial, and product development strategies.

“Through reviews and other user-generated content, millions of consumers every day are telling companies directly about their experiences, providing feedback on everything from itchy fabrics and faulty clasps to earned compliments and superlative service. With such fierce and growing competition for consumer attention, brands cannot afford to turn a deaf ear to their customers,” said Tomer Tagrin, CEO and Cofounder, Yotpo. “The sheer volume of content makes manually reading feedback both impractical and imprecise. With the launch of Insights, brands can analyze every piece of customer feedback quickly and efficiently, identify the most important topics to customers, and connect those topics to sentiment–all from one dashboard.”

With Insights, fast-growing direct commerce brands such as Adore Me, MVMT, UNTUCKit and GoPro are able to leverage artificial intelligence to unlock what customers are saying about their products and brand. Insights uses natural language processing to analyze the grammatical structure of the text to uncover topics mentioned in reviews and their related opinions. It also uses sentiment analysis to score every opinion on a negative to positive scale, and semantic grouping to categorize different keywords to maximize the information available on each topic. Additionally, the algorithms were trained on a dataset of at least 32M reviews, enabling brands to effectively identify conflicting sentiments towards different topics within the same review (e.g., great product but slow delivery) — ensuring a 92 percent accuracy that will improve over time, as the algorithms ingest more data.

Insights empowers eCommerce brands to drill down into the factors that have the highest impact on customer satisfaction, enabling them to invest time and resources in areas that will make an impact on their business. Brands are also able to compare performance with similar businesses using industry benchmarks, as well as track changes over time to identify trends, get alerted to new issues, and gain instant feedback on new product releases.

“The secret to our growth has always been, and continues to be, intrinsically related to how well we are listening to our customers. It’s important to analyze your customer feedback efficiently, understand what matters to them most and use this data to inform marketing, product and customer experience initiatives,” said Sandra Negrea, Customer Engagement Analyst, Adore Me, whose exploratory use of Insights led to the discovery of an untapped audience segment and yielded significant efficiencies.

For more information on Insights, visit yotpo.com/platform/insights. Yotpo is a sponsor of Shoptalk in Las Vegas from March 18-21.

About Yotpo
Yotpo is the customer content marketing platform of choice for leading commerce brands like Away Travel, MVMT Watches, UNTUCKit, and Esurance. With Yotpo, businesses can collect every type of user-generated content and use it to build a stronger brand and better customer experience. Yotpo’s fully integrated solution enables brands to collect, curate, manage, and publish user-generated content from a single platform. Through a combination of technology, integrations, and partnerships, Yotpo makes it easy to effectively leverage customer content throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales. An official partner of Google, Facebook, and Shopify, Yotpo has raised $101 million in funding and has over 300 employees globally.

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