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Last updated on February 12, 2024

Mariya Arabadzhieva-Todorova
Content Marketing Specialist @ Yotpo
February 12th, 2024 | 3 minutes read

Valentine’s Day is the first major shopping holiday of the year and is only a few days away. 

To help you grab your customers’ attention and get your share of the expected record spending, we’ve put our heads together to create lovey-dovey, killer-effective text marketing examples that guarantee your customers’ love goes to you. 


Get inspired by our 15 love-infused SMS templates based on the most sought-after Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences. Copy, paste, and have a lovely Cupid’s day!


Candy & Sweets 

SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Our Valentine’s Day chocolate collection will tickle your loved ones’ every sense. Shop our love-infused bars, now with {DiscountValue} OFF: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


Flowers & Ornaments 

SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, make sure your girl knows she’s always on your mind with our year-round flower subscription boxes. Safe & contactless deliveries. {SiteUrl} 


SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Who said ornaments are just for Christmas? {FirstName}, shop from our hand-made home decor collection with discounts of up to {DiscountValue}: {DiscountCodeUrl} 



Memory Gifts 

SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Traceback your love to its very beginning, {FirstName}. Relive your precious moments with our luxurious & personalized photo albums: {SiteUrl} 



SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Love makes you fly! {FirstName}, get ready to take off with our His&Hers suitcase sets. Free shipping on all purchases over $50: {DiscountCodeUrl} 



SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Thinking of popping the question, {FirstName}? We have rings that will easily get you a “YES.” Get it right with Mrs. Right! {SiteUrl} 


SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}:  You know what they say, {FirstName}: good things come in small packages. Check out our exclusive crystal collection, now with {DiscountValue} OFF! {DiscountCodeUrl} 



SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, show love to your partner and yourself. Our VDay collection has a little something you’ll both enjoy. Now – with free shipping! {DiscountCodeUrl} 


Shoes & Accessories 

SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Hey there, Valentine! Keep your loved one’s toes cozy and their mind on you with our personalized matching socks: {SiteUrl} 


SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}:  Nothing says “I love you” better than a pair of cloud-comfy shoes. Show your feet some love, now with a {DiscountValue} discount: {DiscountCodeUrl} 



SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Your girl deserves to feel loved all year long, {FirstName}. Our subscription boxes now have the sweetest prices – up to {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} 




SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}! Give your purrfect partner all the love they deserve. Enjoy {DiscountValue} discount sitewide and free shipping this week only! {DiscountCodeUrl} 


…and some extra ones 

SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Our gifts say “I love you” even if you aren’t there yet, {FirstName}. Grab {DiscountValue} off on ALL purchases above $70. Valid for a limited time only! {DiscountCodeUrl} 


SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}:  Hey {FirstName}, whether you are in love or single (and lovin’ it!), spread the love with some of our top-selling Valentine’s Day gift ideas. {SiteUrl} 


SMS Template 3:

{SiteName}: Date or no date, you should always love yourself, {FirstName}. Check out our special Valentine’s Day collection and shop with {DiscountValue} OFF. {DiscountCodeUrl} 


A Valentine’s Day to Remember 

Valentine’s Day is a special event. And as such, your beloved subscribers will expect special offers from you. This is the perfect opportunity to start the year with some great numbers. 


We’ve done our part and shared engaging and actionable Valentine’s Day text marketing templates that will bring you many conversions. Now is your time to shine and make the most of this occasion. And don’t forget to share with us what lovey-dovey SMS templates you’ve crafted. 


Have an awesome Valentine’s Day!