Last updated on March 1, 2024

Apeksha Rao
Content Marketing ANZ
February 27th, 2024

As far as key retail dates go, ‘Easter Sale’ is not the first thing shoppers think of. We think it’s because Easter sales secretly suffer from the retail world’s equivalent of middle child syndrome. Think about it: Mr. First-sale-event-of-the-year, AfterPay Day, and everyone’s fave EOFY sale? ‘EOFY’ even sounds like the spoiled, kid-sibling everyone just loves. 

“Anybody want a great deal?”

“Um no thanks, we’re waiting for EOFY.”

Stuck in the middle is poor old Easter. We reckon it’s time to challenge the status quo. After all, outside of Christmas, Easter is the biggest break most of your shoppers will have all year. And regardless of whether they’re going Easter-egg hunting, going away, or staying in, they’ll have a little less on their minds and their phone in their hands. 

If it was us, we’d be leaning pretty heavily on our SMS strategy to drive sales during Easter. Here are a couple of things to think about.

Rethinking the Easter Sale

If you don’t traditionally do Easter Sales, this is the year to shake it up. Because an Easter Sale by any other name… would drive just as many checkouts? Sure, for some brands, an Easter promo just makes sense! Hello homewares. We see you food and bev.

But who says you have to call it an Easter Sale? Run a Long Weekend Sale or a Mid-autumn Sale instead to push out stock. Have a bit of fun with your promos and tell customers waiting till EOFY is overrated. You could even break the mold and call it Brand-Name Day to tap into the loyalty of customers. In a nutshell, don’t let the Easter be a missed opportunity.

Think outside the discount box

Your Easter promo, whatever you decide to call it, doesn’t have to be about discounts either. Think about what your customers are likely to be doing around this time of year and engage them based on that.

Conversational commerce can be your friend here. Ask your subscribers if they’re celebrating Easter, going away, or staying in to catch up on some rest and relaxation. Based on their responses you can promote your festive collection, getaway edit, or your lazy long weekend catalog respectively: these are just ideas, but you get the drift. There’s so much opportunity to get creative. But, don’t stop there, give customers incentive to checkout by creating a sense of urgency – throw in an ‘Order before midnight to qualify for free express shipping.’

Still with us? Love the commitment, BOSS! 

One thing about Easter this year though: it’s extra early. No, not sometime in April. It’s literally the last day of March. Ideally, you already have a plan in place. But if you don’t, we’re here to remind you that with Yotpo, you can create and send SMS campaigns in under 5 minutes and increase ROI by as much as 25x. To help bring together your Easter plan of attack, we have not one or two, but three interactive tools to help. 👇

A-plus Texts: Need to get campaigns live in a hurry? Dip into our collection of SMS marketing examples. Each of these texts got a perfect score in our books and they might be just the inspo you need to put together winning campaigns for Easter.

Yotpo SMS Analyser: Have a great idea for a campaign and want to see if it’ll convert? Yotpo’s SMS analyser can show what your text scored and analyse it further in a detailed report. How good’s that?

SMS Campaign Builder: Keen to build on the momentum gained around key marketing dates such as Easter? We’ve put together industry-leading advice on SMS marketing best practice for a wide range of use cases and thrown in handy examples too. Keep the SMS party going all year, we say.

Look, it may not be the most exciting event on the annual retail calendar, but whatever you do, don’t sleep on the Easter sale. It could have a big impact on revenue if you double down on SMS! We’ll just leave these sample texts here.

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