Last updated on June 4, 2024

Apeksha Rao
Content Marketing ANZ
June 3rd, 2024 | 5 minutes read

So you’ve heard how brands are saving 40% on average with Yotpo Email’s usage-based pricing. You wouldn’t mind that kind of money in the bank, but you “can’t take on a whole project right now.” But really what you’re stressed about is that you’ll try to make the switch providers, only for it to turn into a complex, time-consuming process that all goes horribly wrong. Next thing you know, you’re doing a lot of explaining at work because this has somehow become your problem. 

Stop. Email migrations are NOT as complicated as they’re made out to be. This year alone, dozens of Aussie eCommerce brands have migrated to Yotpo Email and they’ll tell you that when it comes to migration, you won’t have to figure everything out yourself. 

Yotpo’s dedicated migration assistance program allows SMB brands to get guidance (from real humans) on everything from growing email subscribers to migrating email templates and flows to orchestrating between Email and SMS. (Think of orchestration as creating a rich and well-thought out comms plan around each campaign to really drive home the message rather than sending an email here or an SMS there. The best part? It’s all done within the one experience with our team’s support, saving you the time and brainpower needed to set up separate flows for two different channels.)

Our deliverability team can even provide advice on the more complex stuff, such as domain authentication and list warming best practices.

“Sure,” you say, “but Email is currently driving a big chunk of my revenue, and I cannot afford for that to take a hit.” (It won’t.) “I just have to pass up on all this hands-on support and savings.” (You shouldn’t!) 

Here are some more myths and misconceptions around email migration that are preventing retail and eCommerce brands across Australia and New Zealand from switching ESPs and getting more bang from their email buck. 

  • When you move to a new ESP, you can’t send emails for a while. 
  • Switching ESPs will undo the reputation you’ve worked hard to build with mailbox providers.
  • You get no support with domain authentication or list warming. 
  • You may need to pay an agency a lot of money to figure it all out.
  • You may no longer be able to use your best performing flows or emails.
  • You need custom assets that the new ESP may not be able to help with.

We’ve heard it all before and rest assured that our team can guide you through each of the above. Brands don’t just switch to Yotpo Email for the savings they get with our flexible usage-based pricing. It’s also because of our onboarding team’s commitment to making email migration as sound and seamless as possible. 

But a successful onboarding is just the start – because, depending on the service level agreement, brands also get ongoing support and best practice guidelines from a dedicated Customer Success Manager. A good CSM can be the difference between a winning email marketing strategy and one that is ‘on’ but not performing.

Aussie supplements brand Naked Harvest went live with Yotpo Email last year and here’s their Director of Marketing on working with Yotpo’s CSMs. 

To help you see that we’ll be in it with you every step of the way, we got our implementation team to share their email migration checklist.

Stage 1: Planning and kick off

What you’ll need to do
Export your email lists, templates, and reports from your current ESP
Export flows and recent campaign performance (including average open and click rates)
Set up any relevant integrations within Yotpo

Where we come in
Import your contact list and subscriber data into Yotpo

Stage 2: Design and development

What you’ll need to do
Update your brand kit within Yotpo Email (brand colours, fonts, social media links etc.)

Where we come in
Migrate your flows* and email templates
Offer advice on the best subscriber collection tools (pop-ups, footers, and landing pages) to speed up subscriber acquisition.
Set up your subscriber collection tools, customised to your brand’s look/aesthetic

*Depending on your service level agreement, we will migrate some or all of your flows and templates

Stage 3: Domain authentication and list warming

What you’ll need to do
Use our step-by-step guide to easily authenticate your email address

Where we come in
Commence list warming by creating list segments for you to start sending campaigns to

…One other thing for you
Create campaigns to send to list segments we create

Where we work together
Make sure list segments we’ve identified are excluded from your main mailing list so there are no double ups. This way you can maintain your regular campaign cadence whilst list warming

Stage 4: Pre-launch and launch

Where we come in
Push all nominated flows live (welcome flow, abandoned checkout flow etc.)

Where we work together
Orchestrate your SMS and email flows to offer customers a rich and engaging experience
Test your email and SMS campaigns. Our team will monitor for deliverability and provide best practice guidelines

What you’ll need to do
Tell the world you’re now on Yotpo Email! 

See? Easy.

Want to know what migrating to Yotpo Email will look like for your brand? Talk to our local team today.