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Last updated on May 7, 2024

Candace Epstein
May 3rd, 2024 | 3 minutes read
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In the ever-evolving landscape of SMS marketing, every dollar counts. Yet, many marketers are unknowingly hemorrhaging funds through outdated strategies, batch and blast campaigns, and underutilizing customer engagement insights. These SMS pitfalls undermine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, harming your brand reputation with your customers and risking future revenue from this channel.

It’s time to ask the tough questions.

We know that marketers are balancing countless priorities, however, it’s important to pause and reflect: could you be doing more to maximize your ROI and build better customer relationships? Use the following questions to guide your self-assessment of your current SMS marketing efforts.

Step 1: Assess your customer engagement

Customer engagement

  • How do SMS engagement rates compare with your other marketing channels?
  • What percentage of customers have converted from your campaigns in the last 6 months?
  • Which segments of your audience are most engaged?
  • What percentage of your subscribers engage on a regular basis?

SMS Content

  • What type of content resonates most with your subscribers?
  • Are you using MMS or SMS only?
  • Which campaigns drive the most engagement?
  • Have you noticed any content trends over time?
  • Do your subscribers prefer personalized messages or generic promotions?

SMS experience

  • Do your SMS messages include clear calls to action?
  • Do you provide tailored experiences for your unique segments?
  • What actions are they taking once they click through from SMS?
  • Do your subscribers prefer personalized messages or generic promotions?
  • Is ease of use a primary consideration when building your campaigns?

Step 2: Evaluate your current plan

Budget and ROI

  • How do you establish performance benchmarks?
  • How has your budget changed with the macro downturn?
  • How do you calculate your SMS budget?
  • How do you establish revenue targets?
  • What is the average monthly spend associated with SMS?
  • Are you seeing the same ROI you were 1 year ago?
  • How do you address disparity in ROI projections vs actual performance?
  • Do you track spend vs. budget throughout the month?

Build your SMS strategy

  • Are your SMS campaign objectives clear?
  • To what extent do you consider other channels when building your SMS campaigns?
  • Is frequency and timing a consideration for maximum impact?
  • Do you solicit and analyze customer feedback to identify areas for improvement?
  • Do you have strategies in place to tap into other regions?
  • Does your provider offer strategic insight as well as technical guidance?

End-to-end customer journey

  • Are you able to connect experiences across platforms in your tech stack?
  • To what extent do outcomes in one channel influence strategic decisions across other channels?
  • What’s your strategy to turn new customers into repeat customers?
  • Are you leveraging UTMs or pixels to create different on-site experiences?
  • How are you turning positive reviewers into reward members?

Level up your SMS marketing

Now that you’ve pinpointed areas of potential waste in your current SMS marketing, see how Yotpo can slash your SMS costs and maximize revenue with the right texts, at the right time.