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Last updated on January 15, 2024

Kallie Price
Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
November 2nd, 2023 | 3 minutes read

Unlock the door to customer loyalty.

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It’s no secret that customer acquisition costs are rising and customers are increasingly shopping around for a good deal. From cozy furnishings to smart appliances, winning home brands know how to turn shoppers into brand advocates.

Why customer loyalty matters for home brands

The main challenge for home brands is that consumers don’t buy furniture and other home goods as frequently as they do other products. And while the higher product prices can translate to a higher AOV, home brands often have lower margins, making discounts cost-prohibitive. Consumers also heavily research home goods, which can make member acquisition and brand building more difficult.

Getting loyalty right

Loyalty programs offer home brands an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with customers long after their purchases. And by utilizing referrals, a loyalty program is an easy and cost-effective way to acquire new shoppers.

With price and quality at the top of customers’ minds, the best home brands are pulling out all the stops to foster high-value experiences with consumers. 

Here’s how leading UK homeware brands are paving the way to lasting customer loyalty:

Joseph and Joseph

Known for their innovative kitchen gadgets, Joseph and Joseph make customers feel at home with their loyalty program, ‘The Nest’. Why it works:

  • Immediate perks: by granting new customers 100 points for signing up, Joseph and Joseph incentivize customers to buy from them instead of a competitor.
  • Percentage-based discounts: customers are rewarded with a larger discount if they have more than 500 points. This enables Joseph and Joseph to show their most loyal customers some extra love.


Sofa brand Snug is inviting customers to join the comfiest club in town. Here’s what Snug Club offers:

  • Multiple ways to earn points: purchases aren’t the only way for customers to earn points. They also get rewarded for leaving reviews, adding a photo or video to a review, signing up for texts, and more. These reward options encourage customers to engage with the brand and help Snug grow its subscriber list. 
  • Referrals: Snug’s generous ‘Give £100, get £100’ helps the brand acquire new customers while rewarding their existing ones.
  • Birthday points: granting 500 points is just one way of marking special occasions with your customers and keeping the brand top of mind during gifting periods.


Even Greener

Sustainable living and gardening brand, Even Greener, has weaved its ethos into its loyalty program:

  • VIP Tiers: customers can make their way through tiers that nod towards their commitment to sustainability, starting at ‘Eco-Conscious’ and working up to ‘Eco-Warrier. Each tier offers more incentives than the last, with more loyal customers getting what UK consumers want most exclusive discounts and early access to sales.
  • Incentives for large purchases: by granting customers an extra 30 points for purchases over £150, Even Greener encourages customers to spend more. 

Each home brand is unique, but by offering customers rewards for purchases, reviews, social media engagement, and more, they can create loyal advocates who not only buy from them time and time again but also recommend their brand to others.

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