Last updated on December 28, 2022

Image Credit: Yotpo Studio

Customer photos bring up to 50% more traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest has 150 million users, 93% of which are using the platform to plan future purchases.

Leverage this social platform to bring high-intent traffic to your store and increase sales. Engaging Pinterest users with your brand is easiest to do with customer content.

Create a Pinterest board from your customers’ photos. Then, drive more traffic to your site by linking these customer photos straight to relevant product pages.

  • Increase the likelihood of on-site conversions by directing your Pinterest followers straight to your site
  • Use your customers’ content to build lifestyle boards
  • Provide your customers with an opportunity to be featured on your social channels


Real Example
KettleBell Kings saw a 50% increase in traffic to their site from Pinterest when they started using customer photos in their boards.