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Is Facebook or Twitter More Effective for eCommerce Marketing? [Data Point]
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Facebook and Twitter are two of the social media sites that get the most attention from eCommerce stores. So, it’s time to settle the age-old debate: which is more valuable for stores?

When it comes to the top traffic channels for eCommerce stores, Facebook brings much more traffic than Twitter, and the traffic sticks around longer and navigates further into sites.

However, although Twitter traffic is less engaged and there’s less of it – it has a higher CVR and AOV than Facebook traffic.

facebook vs twitter


Facebook vs. Twitter Data Takeaways:

  • This data comes from Twitter and Facebook traffic that came via a social referral – a review shared by one of their contacts on the social network. This means that the weight of social proof was extremely strong when attracting these visitors.
  • The closer your relationship with someone, the more inclined you are to trust them. Facebook browsers follow friends and people they know, while Twitter users don’t necessarily know the people they follow personally. Visitors who come from Facebook are likely more engaged than those who come from Twitter because they are more influenced by social proof marketing and have higher levels of brand trust.
  • Twitter users, when they do convert, are worth way more. It’s possible that this is because Twitter users are absorbing a large amount of content, when they do click- through, it’s with purpose and objective.
Social proof – like social referrals, reviews, and UGC – may be much more effective for driving engagement on Facebook and conversions on Twitter.

This traffic only takes into account the visitors who come directly from social referrals – in other words, reviews and user-generated content shared to these social media channels that bring visitors in. Of course, it doesn’t account for the many more impressions this UGC has.

Want to know how you can harness social proof’s power to get the most out of social media?

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  • Darren DeMatas

    This clears up some important misconceptions about social commerce. Most people would think Facebook is more valuable to ecommerce than Twitter.

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