The Persuasive Selling Power of Social in the UK

How Britons Use Social Media to Research and Discover Products Online.

A survey conducted by Yotpo of 2,000 consumers in the UK reveals that most (65%) now use social media to research products before buying online.

01. One in 10 people won’t shop without consulting social media.

The data shows that 12% of people consult social media sites every time they want to make a purchase, meaning how retailers and brands appear on these sites is vital to their bottom line.

Usually known for their impulsiveness, a quarter of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 consult social media for research every time they shop, while just 3% of pensioners do the same.

02. Despite rumors of being uncool, Facebook is most influential

Almost four in five people research products on Facebook before buying them, with half using YouTube and a quarter using Twitter in the same way.

Both men and women conduct most of their research on Facebook, but males prefer YouTube as a shopping tool, while females are twice as likely to rely on Pinterest.

03. Instagram holds the most sway with the under-35 set, Londoners

One third of 18-34 year olds research and discover products on Instagram, versus just 12% of 45-54 year olds.

Instagram also influences Londoners with 40% reporting they use Instagram to make purchase decisions.

04. Gadgets trump fashion when it comes to social research

The average Briton spends more time using gadgets than sleeping, so it’s no wonder shoppers want to choose devices wisely.

Electronics are the most researched products on social channels with two thirds of people consulting the likes Facebook and Twitter before investing.

05. Over half of Health & Beauty, Fashion and Home purchases are researched on social

Following electronics, Home & Garden (48%), Health & Beauty (46%) and Fashion & Accessories (45%) are the industries most researched on social.

Almost two-thirds of 25-34 year olds research health & beauty purchases on social networks.

06. More than two-thirds of buyers look for customer reviews on social

From booking hotels to buying a car, consulting online customer reviews is a must. So it’s no surprise that 69% of people say that customer reviews are the most important info they can find on social media.

Women as well as young shoppers are most likely to be swayed by reviews on social sites, with 40% saying reviews are very likely to influence their decision.

07. Half of shoppers look for customer photos on social

Social media mavens know the power of a good flat lay and more than half of users (54%) say that customer photos are likely to dictate what they buy, while just 4% say shoppers’ snaps are not at all likely to influence their decisions.

Almost one quarter of 25-34 year olds report that customer photos are the most influential information available on social media.

08. Friends hold more influence than celebs

43% of would-be consumers research and discover products on social media via friends, compared to 16% who look to celebrities and influencers. More than half (52%) also look to brand or retailer pages for more info.

09. Facebook, YouTube are the most popular social shops of the future

Almost two-thirds of people say that they would shop directly via Facebook in the future, which means online retailers should take advantage of tools that allow them to set up Facebook shops today.

YouTube, which currently offers no shopping options, came second with 49% of shoppers saying they would buy directly off the site.

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