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Eyes on Walls Connects the Dots with Yotpo Analytics
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Eyes on Walls was an early adopter of Yotpo’s new Conversion Dashboard, and they are already seeing major results. 

One of the coolest insights they found?

76.3% of their customers engage with user-generated content before making a purchase.

But that’s just the beginning.

Eyes on Walls, an urban art shop, has been using Yotpo since August 2016 to increase on-site conversion.

They’ve seen great success strategically showcasing all types of user-generated content, including reviews, customer photos, and customer Q&A.

With Yotpo Analytics, they took the next step to ultimate UGC marketing success.

Why Analytics?

“With so many components in an online store, it’s hard to tell what works and what doesn’t. It’s even harder to tell what specifically affects conversions,” says Marit Weitnauer, Head of Marketing at Eyes on Walls.

“Sometimes when we make changes to the site, we’re left guessing how many customers are impacted and what the result was,” she explains.

Eyes on Walls was an early adopter of Yotpo’s new Conversion Dashboard, an advanced analytics tool that highlights conversions, sales, and traffic related to Yotpo.

(Note: The dashboard above is an illustration and does not belong to Eyes on Walls)

“Yotpo helps us piece together the puzzle. For each feature we use, it shows us how many visitors interact with reviews, photos and Q&A, and how it ultimately impacts sales.”

Content Marketing Quantified

The Conversion Dashboard helps merchants keep a pulse on ROI from customer content marketing and identify opportunities for improvement.

Content marketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing today, but tracking its effectiveness is elusive.

With Yotpo’s new analytics tools, starting with the Conversion Dashboard, merchants will able to understand how effective their content really is.

Eyes on Walls is just one of many merchants on their way to more meaningful insights.

Learn more about how Yotpo Analytics can help you.

Doug Baltman
Doug Baltman, Product Marketing @ Yotpo
When Doug's out of the office, he's riding around Tel Aviv on his bike, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
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