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Jessica Hulett
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December 14th, 2021 | 5 minutes read
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Amazing Women in eCommerce 2022 is our best year ever! We received more than 3,000 nominations across five categories: Rising Star, Leader, Founder, Innovator, and Marketer, and we can’t wait to choose the honorees.

Nominations came in from all across the eCommerce industry. We got nominees from small D2C brands, large established brands, digital agencies, and technology companies supporting eCommerce brands. And with a $5 donation for every nomination to Girls Inc., we were able to raise well over $15,000!

We won’t be selecting honorees until March but we were so inspired by all of the thoughtful submissions that we had to share a few of our favorites. Here are some of the highlights from our nomination period that wrapped on December 31, 2021 — they have been edited for length and clarity.

Rising Star

Kate Condon, Director of Design at Simplistic

Kate is an exemplary designer that always brings her best to every project, big or small. I have no doubt she will be a highly sought out talent in the industry for years to come.

— Joe B.

Stacey Kurtyka, eCommerce IT Project Manager at Conair

Stacey works hard to pull everything together to get the job done. She possesses some of the key requirements of a role model. She consistently anticipates the effects of her own area’s actions on the overall corporate goals. She never allows obstacles to get in the way of executing strategy and actively encourages others to find alternative ways to resolve problems or difficult situations. She excels in achieving outstanding project, product, and service results. Stacey always looks for creative solutions around traditional obstacles.

— Dara M.


Rebecca Worsley, Director, Rainy City Agency

In 2018, Rebecca launched her company Rainy City Agency, which builds bespoke stores on Shopify. On a shoestring budget and with no investment, she now has 13 team members comprising women and men, and a 1500 square foot office here in Manchester. She is an unbelievable leader who, in her own words, has “changed everything [she] didn’t like about being an employee and fixed it for [her] team.”

— Peter C.

Alicia Kennedy, Marketing Director at Naked Wines

She’s by far the best MD I have ever worked for and is able to navigate any issue or opportunity with ease. She is one of the few leaders that truly puts development at the heart of everything she does. Superstar of this industry and likely any other.

— Paul C.


Kathy Kuo, CEO at Kathy Kuo Home

Kathy has taken her amazing personal brand from her former career as a model and impressive industry pedigree and transformed that into a brand beating its growth trajectories by over 500% YoY. She’s hard-working, incredibly talented, and could literally do any job in her company! She’s insanely committed to concierging her customer in the stories she tells and the infrastructure she uses to support that across her entire omnichannel experience.

— Kristin S.

Courtney Cowan, Founder and CEO at Milk Jar Cookies

Courtney has translated an incredibly warm, welcoming brand into the digital space through brand-led video, social, and YouTube content, ushering the comfort of cookies to people who can’t get to the L.A. institution’s physical space. Her brand ethos is clear on all touchpoints, giving customers the feeling of warm comfort no matter where they’re coming from.

— Amanda F.


Chrystal Rose, Owner at Rebellia

Chrystal’s passion is empowering women to become their highest self. Through her online boutique, self-love coaching, podcast and her new online member community, she provides space for all women who are looking to level up and cheer on and support each other along the way. Chrystal is helping change the “mean girl” stigma and opening up a world where women feel worthy, aligned, and deeply connected to other women.

— Jocelyn P.

Lama Samhat, Director of eCommerce at Ultracor

Lama is full of eComm knowledge and strives to use the knowledge in action for growth — growth in herself or overall brand. She is driven to the max and always delivers superior work!

— Betsy E.


Dani Oria, Senior Director, Growth Marketing at oVertone

Dani is a wonderful human and fantastic marketer. She is an expert on a number of paid marketing platforms, loves to test and learn, can work through complex budgets, and can strategize with the best of them.

— Rob D.

Jessica Travers, Consumer Marketing Manager at MAC Cosmetics

Jessica is an absolute star and an inspiration in the beauty space. Heading up creative activations in partnership with the likes of MIMCO and Gelato Messina, Jessica is doing amazing work with MAC.

— Jess R.

Join us

We can’t wait to read through the rest of the nominations and announce the 2022 AWIE Honorees in March. And if you’re a woman working in the eCommerce industry, we’d love for you to join us in our AWIE Slack Community.