Last updated on March 26, 2024

Eli Weiss
March 22nd, 2024

As a customer experience-obsessed marketer, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of industry trends and seek inspiration while coming up with new creative ideas. To do this, I turn to socials or my inbox to see what my favorite eComm experts are saying.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’m excited to shine a spotlight on a few trailblazing women who inspire me and are cooking up some big things all year long.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of eComm can be intimidating, I get it, but following experts like these women, who authentically share their expertise, can serve as a beacon of inspiration and a source of knowledge for all things eComm.

From thought leadership on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter) to unique perspectives in newsletters and podcasts, here are 6 women in eCommerce YOU need to follow.

Katelyn Bourgoin

As the self-proclaimed “Customer Whisper” Katelyn specialized in helping brands uncover what makes their customers “add to cart” so they can market smarter. She’s been an eComm leader  for over 10 years, and I promise that you will learn a thing or two about better understanding your customers by checking out her content

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Jess Cervellon

This one is for my marketers focused on health, wellness and packaged goods. Jess is one-step ahead of CX trends and she’s sharing it with all of us. Her in-depth industry knowledge paired with her deep understanding of consumer behavior will inspire you to look inward (at your data of course) and turn insights into ROI. She even just started her own podcast, and it’s juicy!

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Kait Stephens

The queen of omnichannel marketing has arrived. Kait is dishing the deets on omnichannel strategies, best practices and creating better experiences for your customers. If you’re trying to bridge the gap between offline and online commerce, let Kait be your architect.

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Cherene Aubert

One of my personal fav DTC brands, Ilia, (ever heard of it? 😏) is lucky to have Cherene on their team. Us? We’re lucky she shares what it’s like to be an esteemed VP of Digital and eCommerce on her socials.

From BTS of product releases to dishing out insights on being a leader in the space, Cherene is an expert you don’t want to skip.

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Alexandra Greifeld

In a world full of thought leaders and their own subjective best practices lies Alex. She knows that thriving in this environment (and economy) we need to think outside of the box and beyond best practices.

Her newsie “No Best Practices” is a must-subscribe imo, but a follow on LinkedIn will also get the inspo flowing.

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Amanda Kwasniewicz

In a sea of old school CX tactics, I love how Amanda encourages me and the rest of our CPG world to think differently about customer experience.

Amanda has experienced the early days of Casper, some time at Hulu, and was employee #1 at Love Wellness. She brings a sense of humor and charisma to CX, and will be instrumental in the next generation of brand-building; putting the customer first.

Where to find her: 

These six eComm experts are just a taste of the incredible things that women are doing in the space. Give them a follow, explore more amazing women in eComm, and get inspired.

– Eli