Last updated on December 18, 2023

Image Credit: Yotpo Studio

Update: Since we published this post, a new method of requesting reviews and UGC from customers has become an effective addition to email — SMS marketing! Click here to read how to request reviews from customers via SMS.

10% higher response rate

The most popular (and effective) way to collect user-generated content is by sending an email to customers after they make a purchase.

In any form of email marketing, subject lines matter — a lot! And when it comes to requests for customer photos and reviews, making tiny changes to subject lines can have a huge impact on response rate.

Our analysis of over 3.5 million emails found, on average:

What works best tends to vary by store size and industry. For example, in the fashion industry, including an exclamation point decreases response rate by 27%.

But no two stores are exactly alike, which is why you need to regularly A/B test your subject lines to find the winning combination for your store.

Real Example
Luxury luggage brand Away uses their store name in review request subject lines so that customers will be able to easily remember the purchase. They also avoid using exclamation points or uppercase words, which can decrease response rate in some industries.