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Last updated on December 14, 2022

Aliza Polkes
Copywriter & Editor @ Yotpo
August 21st, 2019 | 3 minutes read

Reviews are like gold nuggets for your online store.

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We conducted a survey just three months ago, which revealed that the number one factor that convinces women of every generation to make discretionary purchases is positive customer reviews.

The bottom line? Reviews are essential to your bottom line. What takes your business to the next level, though, is having great reviews for all of your products, not just a few. Showcasing reviews for as many of your products as possible is a major revenue driver, incentivizing customers to make those additional discretionary purchases. But — as any online merchant with a wide product offering knows — getting shoppers to leave multiple reviews can be a serious challenge.

When a customer has purchased several items in a single order, how can you get them to write reviews for all of those products, without overwhelming them with multiple forms or requests, which might discourage them from leaving even one review? This is the issue our team set out to tackle.

“We saw a 2.27% increase in overall revenue on product pages by displaying Yotpo reviews,” – Giulianna Angelini, Manager: Site Merchandising and User Experience at BH Cosmetics

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Multiple Product Review Requests, designed to help you generate 45% more reviews on average for multiple-product orders from just one email interaction. Using a data-driven approach, we created an optimized flow, combining our existing in-mail forms — which ensure an industry-leading 6-8% review response rate — with a seamless direct-to-landing-page experience.

How it works & best practices

Since 74% of review requests are opened on a mobile device, the flow has been designed specifically with mobile in mind, to yield the most reviews per session.

After purchasing multiple products, a shopper is asked to leave a review for one of the products via Yotpo’s in-mail form. After submitting the first review, the shopper is then prompted to submit reviews for all remaining products purchased via a landing page.

Based on deep data analysis, Multiple Product Review Requests use Smart Logic to show customers the least reviewed or most expensive product first, ensuring the most valuable reviews are collected.

To further incentivize shoppers to leave reviews, merchants can incorporate our existing innovations, such as:

  • Our full on-brand customization services, to ensure that any and all transitions within the customer journey are seamless
  • Coupons or loyalty points
  • The Send-Time Optimization feature
  • Email reminders
“Over half of our orders contain more than one product, so the Multiple Product Review Requests feature has allowed us to easily collect reviews for all products purchased by our customers, increasing our review generation by 20%,” – Umar Qamar, Founder at Export Leftovers

The results

  • “Since we started using Multiple Product Review Requests, we have experienced a 17.6% increase in the reviews we get per product” – Giulianna Angelini, BH Cosmetics
  • 37% increase in average reviews submitted per session with two products in the flow
  • 76% increase in average reviews submitted per session with three or more products in the flow
  • If a shopper has more than one product to review, there is now a 3.7% higher chance that the shopper will submit at least one review

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