Destination:D2C, A Love Letter to Brands | Yotpo

Last updated on April 25, 2023

Evgeniya Rashbam
Director of Events @ Yotpo
August 19th, 2019 | 3 minutes read

Our first-ever conference is, above all, a celebration of brands and an opportunity to learn from the ones that are changing the reality of our industry.

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We made the decision to hold our own conference more than a year ago. Our vision was simple: Create a space that inspires amazing brands just as much as they inspire us.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or you’ve covered the entire New York subway system with your ads, you’re changing the face of eCommerce everyday — and more than likely, your day-to-day is so busy, you haven’t even had a chance to reflect on that.

How often do the trailblazers and ideators get to turn around and celebrate what they’ve built? The most exciting thing about working in eCommerce is seeing the way those accomplishments create industry-wide trends.

When Away launched (and sold out!) with a coffee table book instead of a suitcase, they proved the power of brand and storytelling. When Chubbies went from selling shorts at college parties to selling to diehard brand fans at 11 brick-and-mortar locations, they proved the strength that lies in community and relationships. Destination:D2C is about these moments.

Behind the scenes of Destination:D2C

Now that Destination:D2C is less than a month away, I wanted to share a sneak peek into what’s going on behind the scenes to create a space that celebrates the best marketers and eCommerce minds.

To begin with, we’re keeping speaker sessions intimate and interactive. You come to conferences to exchange ideas, not to sit in lectures, so we’re putting together the perfect setting for you to get up-close-and-personal with:

  • Steve Madden Global eCommerce President Jeff Silverman, who’ll be talking about the brand’s eCommerce renaissance
  • Away Travel SVP Brand Serena Kalvaria, who will cover the key points for successful category expansion
  • THINX CEO Maria Molland, who will share how to build an organization that embodies your brand values
  • And way more!

You also have the opportunity to shape their sessions by submitting questions to be answered live at Destination:D2C.

Part of our goal to foster learning means that we’ve also arranged for speakers from VCs, the General Manager at Shopify Plus, and more to share their perspectives on everything from the ideal growth trajectory for direct-to-consumer brands to the future technology that will impact and improve the way you sell.

The building blocks of a brand celebration

The brand-first program at Destination:D2C goes beyond the sessions and into the very DNA of the event space. Our designers are some of the biggest brand fans at Yotpo. They travel with Away, brush with quip, and keep time with MVMT — and they were thrilled about the challenge of creating a design language for this event that would convey that degree of brand love.

It all started with the basic shapes and patterns. They isolated bits and pieces from the products, logos, and designs of brands like quip, GREATS, and Chubbies:

And that’s just the beginning. They’ve carried this approach over to design a unique, experiential venue for you, the attending brands — the best is yet to come.

Will we see you there?

You’re the experts at building authentic connections; we’ve built the space and brought the speakers to make those connections meaningful, inspiring, and educational. All that’s left to do is sign up.

We can’t wait to see you at Destination:D2C!