Cecilia Beard
Senior Content Writer @ Yotpo
April 28th, 2022

These brands are creating a loyalty experience for their shoppers, not just a program.

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Creating a winning loyalty program goes beyond strategy and optimization. Successful businesses also ensure their program is a true extension of their brand identity and messaging, including visual cues, curated perks, VIP tier names, and more.

We’ve pulled together 10 brands who nailed bringing their personality to their loyalty program. These businesses made their programs feel authentic to their brand experience, ranging from skincare to sustainable fashion to edible cookie dough.

1. Outdoor Voices

When creating OV Rewards, Outdoor Voices wanted to make sure their brand mission was at the forefront of the program. “The creative team wanted to give the OV Rewards program a nostalgic ‘rec club’ or ‘gym class’ feel to play off our brand mission to help people to enjoy Recreation and embrace the Doing Things mindset. That’s what inspired the chalkboard, notepad, and gold stars aesthetic,” said Bianca Singh, Retention Marketing at Outdoor Voices.

The program’s aesthetics and strategy reflect their core brand values. For example, outdoor Voices’ perks and reward campaigns encourage members to go out and do. They reward customers for attending OV events, from participating in a race cheer section to attending a yoga class to “plogging,” or jogging and picking up litter. Gold-tier members also gain entry to an annual Recreationalist experience hosted by the brand. Even the loyalty program’s slogan, “Make Moves. Earn Points,” reflects OV’s brand voice and overall dedication to shoppers’ physical activity, in whatever form it might take.

2. Princess Polly

The “it” destination for Gen Z shoppers, Princess Polly created a program that resonated with their younger customer base. Princess Polly Rewards includes four tiers, all themed to concerts and music festivals: General Admission, Front Row, VIP, and Backstage Pass. Princess Polly also offers members many experiential rewards, many of which play into their target audience’s heavy presence on social media. These include features on their Instagram and TikTok accounts, access to their exclusive Facebook group, festival getaways hosted by the brand, and invites to VIP-only events.

”It’s so fascinating to see how excited customers are about the program. For many shoppers, it’s a dream to be featured on our Instagram with 2M followers — we’re happy to create that experience for them,” said Kim Zorn, Head of Performance at Princess Polly.

The brand highlights their fashion-forward thinking with the Princess Polly Style Quiz, a hub for the latest style trends. Customers earn loyalty points for filling out information like style and aesthetic preferences, then receive a link to a curated product page complete with tops, jeans, skirts, and dresses aligned to their fashion tastes.

3. Doughp

Doughp’s Spoonlickers Club is a mecca for cookie dough enthusiasts. Each loyalty perk showcases how customers can enjoy their products: baked cookies, cookiewiches with ice cream, or straight from the tub. Like many brands, Doughp made their VIP tier names. Loyalty members can go from Spoonlicker to Doughp Enthusiast.

Versatility and variety are at the heart of the brand’s products, which the brand’s program design highlights. Doughp customers choose from a wide range of flavors and enjoy the products as they please. Members can earn loyalty points through several campaigns, including reading baking tips from the brand’s blog. Customers learn how to bake Doughp cookies to their preference: from ooey-gooey dough to crunchy cookies.

Doughp also offers their highest VIP tier members the chance to create their own cookie dough flavor.

4. Andie Swim

Andie Swim, known for their no-fuss suits, made sure their customers have fun in and out of the sun with their loyalty program, The Swim Club. Andie Swim plays into their swimwear line’s functionality from their program name to their VIP levels. Members can lounge, swim, dive, and more in Andie bathing suits. And, they can go from The Dive In to The Deep End while they’re at it.

5. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective turns trash into treasure with activewear made from recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other waste. Their loyalty program, The Collective, keeps sustainability and eco-consciousness built into every piece. Girlfriend Collective is a green brand, so their tiers’ color palette includes an all-green theme: Mint, Jade, and Sage. The brand also sets up their VIP tiers by lifetime spend, encouraging members to choose long-lasting products rather than fast-fashion alternatives.

Members can also earn points by posting a picture of themselves wearing Girlfriend items and doing good by the Earth — planting trees, participating in a beach clean-up — with the hashtag #GoodJobGF.

6. Stix

Stix’s loyalty program builds customer loyalty and highlights their brand mission: giving people judgment-free access to health products. Even its name, The Group Chat, reflects the openness and candid environment around wellness the brand strives to foster.

“We wanted The Group Chat to feel aligned with how the rest of the Stix brand feels — conversational, approachable, and empowering. We let our customers know that we are here for them in each step of their journey and that as their relationship and loyalty with the Stix brand grows, so will the level of rewards,” said Emma Henderson, Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Stix.

Many of Stix’s product offerings are considered “taboo,” like pregnancy tests and UTI screenings, which makes education a major goal for the brand. To help shoppers distinguish between fact and fiction, Stix rewards members for reading their blog, Real Talk.

7. Tentree

Tentree’s loyalty program, Impact Wallet, is based around social responsibility, allowing shoppers to play an active role in combating climate change. Through the program, shoppers can see their personal impact on sustainability, including the number of trees planted, the types of trees planted, and the amount of carbon sequestered. There are also tiered “Achievements” to encourage customers to take action, ranging from registering a shopper’s first tree to planting 500 trees.

8. Cuddle + Kind

Cuddle + Kind, a children’s brand specializing in knit dolls, knew they wanted to bring their brand mission into their loyalty program. With each doll purchase, the brand supplies 10 meals to a child in need. Kind Rewards gives shoppers even more ways to donate, like their $10 sign-up bonus and extra 10 meals donated.

9. Bokksu

Bokksu, the premium Japanese snack subscription service, created a loyalty program that speaks to the uniqueness of their offerings. Bokksu Rewards presents many ways to earn points: writing a review, posting on social media, and more. But the brand’s personality shines in their perks. Members can choose from several items that enhance their eating experience, including ceramic seasoning dishes, wooden sake sets, and specialty chopsticks.

Leaning into these experience-oriented rewards, Bokksu offers all VIPs the chance to partake in virtual Japanese experiences. These have included online events like snack-focused tours through Japan in the past.

10. Supergoop

The go-to brand for all things SPF, Supergoop includes several cheeky plays on the sun in its loyalty program, The SPF Squad. The brand encourages members to “Spread a little sunshine,” when reaching out to friends with a referral link. Members can move up through several VIP tiers, aptly named SPF Newbie, SPF Enthusiast, SPF Devotee, and SPF Obsessed.

A unique element of the brand’s program is their SPF consultation. After accruing enough points, highest-tier VIP members can meet with Supergoop experts about their various skin concerns after accruing enough points.

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