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Stage Two: Consideration

From Awareness to Consideration stages: getting the leg up on your competition.

Customer journey with retention

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During the Consideration stage, potential customers are evaluating the brand and its offerings against competitors. Brands should focus on providing a seamless user experience and differentiating themselves from the competition through unique selling propositions.

Convincing customers to purchase

Brand trust pushes many customers from the Awareness to Consideration stage. As a form of social proof, reviews can quickly establish trust and rapport with new customers. For example, if a first-time customers comes across your products through Google, you can display star ratings alongside you shopping ads and search results to boost customer confidence in your products.

To improve retention during this stage, brands can also offer a loyalty program that incentivizes repeat purchases and engagement. This not only differentiates the brand from competitors but also provides ongoing value to customers that encourage them to remain loyal to the brand.

Personalization is a common theme you’ll see throughout this retention-first path-to-purchase, as 61% of customers expect brands to tailor experiences based on customer preference. During the Consideration stage, offer tailored recommendations based on browsing and purchase history to encourage customers to explore new products or services. By using data to make recommendations that are tailored to the individual customer’s needs and preferences, brands can increase the likelihood of a purchase and improve retention rates.

To reiterate, the Consideration stage is about making sure you differentiate yourself from competitors and make your value exchange — what does a customer receive beyond their transaction — apparent.