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Stage Three: Immediate Post-Purchase Engagement

The Immediate Post-Purchase Engagement stage is crucial in the customer retention journey, as it sets the tone for the customer's ongoing relationship with your brand.

Customer journey with retention

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This stage begins when the customer completes their purchase and ends when they receive their order. To improve retention in this stage, focus on providing a positive and personalized experience for the customer.

How to make a strong connection

1. Collecting email and SMS subscribers: Post-purchase, encourage customers to sign up for email and/or SMS. This allows you to communicate with customers after they have made a purchase and keep them engaged with your brand. You can collect email and SMS subscribers by including opt-in forms on your website, checkout page, and order confirmation page.

2. Messaging the customer about their order: Once a customer has made a purchase, it’s important to follow up with messages about their order immediately. This includes an order confirmation email or SMS message, which provides details about the customer’s order, including the products purchased, the order total, and estimated delivery date. You can also include a personalized thank-you message to show the customer that you appreciate their business.

3. Why immediate follow-up is important: Immediate follow-up after checkout is important because it shows customers that you value their business and care about their satisfaction. It also provides an opportunity to correct any issues that may have arisen during the checkout process, such as incorrect shipping or billing information. By providing a positive post-purchase experience, you can increase the likelihood of repeat purchases and long-term customer loyalty.

After a customer has made a purchase, they should feel informed by and connected to your brand. They’re in the process of trusting and, fingers crossed, returning to your brand.