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Yotpo x Malomo Integration

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of customers want direct order status and delivery notifications


Using the Yotpo and Malomo integration, brands can now keep customers up to date on their orders by sending personalized and targeted emails and SMS messages based on the shipping events and status of orders tracked by Malomo.

Why it matters

Main Takeaways
Keep customers informed on their order status to create a better post-purchase experience.
Boost SMS opt-ins by collecting subscribers on the order confirmation page, giving customers another reason to opt-in.

With the Yotpo SMS & Email x Malomo integration, you can send automated texts and emails based on 10+ key fulfillment and shipping events tracked by Malomo, personalizing each message with dynamic data- like tracking number and status.

It’s never been easier to keep customers informed when orders are in transit, out for delivery, and delivered, and notify customers if there are any issues with their shipments to manage expectations.

Yotpo x  Malomo Integration