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Subscriptions SKU Swaps

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Hear from Yotpo's VP of Product Marketing, Kim Winter, as she introduces Subscriptions SKU Swaps Selling Plans. Unlock the power of customized subscription experiences tailored to your brand and customers' preferences, driving subscription growth.


Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Seamlessly configure SKU Swapping selling plans, effortlessly customizing product selections for each delivery, streamlining setup and management.
Craft diverse delivery sequences to align with your business strategy and optimize subscription acquisition by meeting customer expectations.

Types of subscription SKU swaps

Main Takeaways
Try Before You Buy: Offer trial products at lower prices, transitioning to full-size items for ongoing deliveries, easing customers into a subscription commitment.
Hero + Replenishable: Launch with an introductory product delivered once, automatically shifting to a replenishable item in subsequent subscriptions, ensuring regular access to essentials.
Product of the Month: Offer different products in each delivery, maintaining subscriber excitement and engagement.
Yotpo Subscription SKU Swaps