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Subscriptions Cohort Analysis

Increase CLTV
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Introducing Subscriptions Cohort Analysis: Predict and address churn risks proactively. With this new graph, you can improve recurring revenue insights to pinpoint churn risk moments and launch retention strategies that boost marketing effectiveness for higher LTV. Hear all about it from Yotpo's VP of Product Marketing, Kim Winter.


Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Gain insights from cohort analysis specific to each product, allowing comparison of subscription behaviors over time across different products.
Go beyond identifying churn and address critical churn risk moments. Leveraging Yotpo Subscriptions and Yotpo Loyalty, you can strategically deploy rewards throughout the subscriber lifecycle, effectively mitigating churn risks.
Offer rewards that resonate with your subscribers, such as additional loyalty points or free products. Equally important is ensuring easy redemption of these rewards on upcoming subscription orders. With one-click redemption options directly from the customer portal, you can significantly enhance retention rates and maintain subscriber loyalty.
Subscriptions Cohort Analysis