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Boost loyalty participation
Improve shopping experience
Increase CLTV
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Increase in Loyalty Participation Rate


This capability will allow brands to send a unique link via SMS enabling customers to bypass the manual Shopify account login or account creation, reducing friction, increasing conversions, and improving loyalty participation rate.

Why it’s different

Main Takeaways
Bypass manual Shopify login and account creation
Improve loyalty participation
Create a more seamless customer experience onsite

The barrier to improving loyalty participation is oftentimes the simple need to bring visibility to the customer’s loyalty status on-site. Their ability to see their dynamic point balance and redeem points requires them to be logged into their Shopify account. However, now, with a simple click, a customer can automatically be routed to your site and logged in, with their point balance on full display. Powered by Shopify Multipass, the Seamless Login feature effectively removes the barrier to loyalty participation and serves as a tool to optimize your conversion at checkout.

With Seamless Login, you can finally give your customers exactly what they want, a passwordless shopping experience with their rewards front and center.

See it in action

Main Takeaways
Eliminates the need for manual Shopify login or account creation when user enters the brand’s site from a unique link.
Helps improve loyalty participation rate by automatically showing the customer’s point balance and reward options onsite.
Turn on the Seamless Login link capability for all flows, all campaigns or both!

This feature is available for merchants using Shopify Plus and made possible through Shopify’s Multipass capability. Enable the setting directly within the Yotpo SMS General Settings page for all campaigns, flows or both! For a customer who already has a Shopify account with your store, they’ll be logged in; for a customer who has yet to create an account, the link ‘click’ will automatically create an account tied to their email address associated with the phone number.

Seamless Login