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View the latest in loyalty with Maggie Dunn, Manager of SMS & Email Product Marketing, as she takes us through the Loyalty Checkout Extension. Now brands can offer frictionless, customizable redemption experiences where it matters most — at checkout.


Why it's different

Main Takeaways
Loyalty members can redeem through Shop Pay.
Loyalty members can see all their relevant rewards at checkout automatically.
Variable redemption empowers customers to redeem as many or as few points as they’d like.
You can now enable discount stacking to give loyalty members the option to combine their reward points with other discounts.

Shopify recently overhauled their checkout experience, giving brands a new drag-and-drop editor, seamless integration with Shop Pay, and the ability to further customize their checkouts with app extensions. To support this innovation, we built and continued to optimize the Loyalty Checkout Extension.

With our first iteration of the Loyalty Checkout Extension, loyalty members could redeem their points wherever they preferred: through Shop Pay or at checkout through fixed redemption options. And, we added a CTA for logged-out members to remind them to login and redeem. All of a loyalty customer’s relevant existing rewards are included automatically — there’s no need to choose them manually.

We’re making the checkout experience as seamless as possible to boost redemptions and conversion.

But, we have more updates to share. You’ll now have unmatched flexibility to offer variable redemption options, allowing your customers to use as many or as few points as they want.

You’ll also be able to remind customers of the savings available whether they're logged in or out and when they’re using ShopPay or standard checkout, putting your loyalty program at center stage.

The cherry on top? We also streamlined accessing VIP tier benefits like free shipping, ensuring that your loyalty members get the VIP treatment they deserve in exchange for their repeat business.

And, what about the frustrating choice between a site-wide sale like BFCM promotions and loyalty reward points? Our Checkout Extension updates empower Shopify merchants to use Shopify’s discount stacking capabilities with Yotpo Loyalty. Now, your customers can combine their reward points with other discounts, boosting participation and conversions.

Loyalty checkout

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Main Takeaways
Make reward redemption at checkout intuitive and seamless.
Increase program engagement.
Increase program awareness.

With these updates, customers are encouraged to redeem, engage, and participate in your loyalty program — all right at checkout.

If a customer is logged into their Shopify account and eligible to redeem a reward, the highest option available to them will be selected by default. If they click on the dropdown menu to choose a different reward to redeem, the rewards will appear in order of points from lowest to highest.

And, they can now redeem points where and when they want to save on their purchase. Don’t have 100 points? No problem. Your customers will still see how many points they’re missing, boosting program participation and overall customer satisfaction.

If they are not logged in to their Shopify store account, they will see a message prompting them to create an account and redeem a reward.

Discount stacking elevates customers’ perceived value of their purchases and reduces customer complaints during big events, like site-wide sales. During BFCM, for example, customers can seamlessly combine their hard-earned loyalty points alongside your sales.

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Curtis Ulrich

”This new change at checkout for us has been huge in that we’re able to put our rewards program in a place that is a really critical spot in the customer buying journey.”

Aviator Nation Logo Curtis Ulrich, Director of eCommerce