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Catch up with Olivia Staub, Product Marketing Manager, as she covers Data Extensibility. We’ve expanded the ability to recognize behavior, automate, and personalize communication based on actions and data from our partner ecosystem.


Why it's different

Main Takeaways
We enhanced our ability to recognize customer behavior from our partner ecosystem, making it even easier to automate timely and relevant communication.
The new integrations center simplifies the setup of tech ecosystem integrations, making it a one-time configuration, and centralizes all active integrations.
With more data than ever, enhance your communication and tailor messages based on customer behavior and preferences.

Given that your customers interact in hundreds of ways with your brand, whether it be Yotpo-powered touchpoints or in other ways, we’ve expanded the ability to recognize behavior and leverage your customers’ actions and data from our partner ecosystem.

First, we've made it easier to set up integrations in the tech ecosystem with our new integrations center. The center has advanced discovery capabilities to find the right partner for your needs. Once you connect with your chosen partner, it's a one-time setup. This will link all relevant events and data to Yotpo products, giving you a quick view of all active integrations in one place.

This capability also allows you to source information directly from customers to further personalize communications. This level of data extensibility to source across your tech stack provides you with information and insights into your customers' behaviors and preferences so you can effectively communicate with them throughout their customer journey.

See it in action

Main Takeaways
You can now consolidate the source of all of your communication to customers within Yotpo; no more trying to map all of the customer touchpoints from different sources
Send tailored communications with delivery status updates or a re-engagement campaign based on data from payment and delivery partners, like Buy with Prime and Aftership.
Create powerful segments with zero-party data collected through partner integrations such as Fairing.