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AI-Assisted Comments

Boost engagement
Deepen personalization
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Yotpo Review’s AI-Assisted Comments leverages AI to help create more efficient workflows, reducing the time to manually comment on reviews.

Why it’s important

Main Takeaways
Seamlessly personalize customer interactions.
Share links through emails, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, TiktTok & more.
Significantly reduces the time and effort required to respond to reviews.

With the introduction of this highly demanded feature, ​​we aim to enhance connections between brands and customers on a broader scale, making interactions smoother and more meaningful. By integrating AI into key communication areas, such as comments on reviews, you now can personalize interactions effortlessly, even amidst large amounts of user-generated content, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

AI-assisted comments also significantly reduce the time and effort required to respond to reviews, helping brands like yours to streamline responsiveness and efficiency in customer engagement.

AI-Assisted Comments

How to get started

Main Takeaways
Easy comment generation: Commenting on reviews is effortless with this feature. Our AI engine automatically generates tailored comments quickly and efficiently, saving you precious time to focus on more manual tasks.
Easy tone of voice selection: You also have the flexibility to choose between three distinct tones of voice—friendly, professional, and playful—ensuring that the generated comments align with your brand's personality and resonate authentically with your audience.
Personalization flexibility: Beyond the automated generation process, you can further personalize the suggested comments to add a unique touch or tailor the message to better suit individual customer interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

To get started with this feature, you first need to be a subscriber of one of our following plans—Reviews Prime, Premium, or Enterprise. To generate a comment:

  1. From the Yotpo Reviews Moderation section, go to Reviews > Moderation.
  2. Browse for the review you want to comment on. You can use the filters to narrow down your search.
  3. Under the relevant review, click Comment, then generate a comment

For more details on making a review link, check out this article.