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Figs Excites Customers With VIP Experiences

For brands that serve a niche community, building deep customer connections makes all the difference. While discounts are nice, and they play a huge part in the first few purchasing decisions that consumers make with a brand, they’re not often responsible for developing lasting relationships.


Medical Apparel
Brand Characteristics:
Specific target market, high repeat purchase potential, wide range of products
Program Goals:
Deepen customer relationships to encourage long-term loyalty

Best Practices

  • Implement tiered VIP program
  • Promote experiential perks in addition to monetary benefits

Brand Spotlight: FIGS

FIGS upended the medical apparel industry, moving from a generic, low-touch, brick-and-mortar shopping experience to sleek silhouettes and a customer-centric eCommerce site. They hit the nail on the head when it came to the needs of the medical professional community, building a brand that suited both practical and aesthetic preferences.

Since their target audience already loves their brand, FIGS uses their three VIP tiers to offer customers member-exclusive perks, like early access to new products and free expedited shipping. These benefits are perfect for customers who are already planning to make another purchase, taking their experience from a necessary shopping mission to an exciting VIP encounter that will make them even more enthusiastic about the brand.

With their VIP program, FIGS has created a positive feedback loop that offers more and more value to shoppers as they invest more into the brand. The program is built on letting top customers know that FIGS appreciates them, and positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways of connecting with people. Starting with perks like early access to products and building to a monthly “FIGS allowance,” FIGS show customers that being faithful is a two-way street.


Like other brands taking a functional approach to loyalty, FIGS does offer a points-for-purchase program, but the true benefits are the experiential ones that loyal customers gain when reaching the “Awesome-est” tier.

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