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BCP Builds Loyalty on Social

For wholesalers and resellers, branding is a constant challenge. To build a brand that’s not defined by products alone, driving social media activity can create engagement beyond purchase and build stronger customer relationships.


Best Choice Products
Home & Garden
Brand Characteristics:
High AOV, high CAC, low time to second purchase, low social engagement
Program Goals:
Drive engagement and build customer relationships

Best Practices

  • Reward shoppers for engaging with your brand
  • Reach more potential customers by incentivizing customers to share your content
  • Implement purchase-based VIP program

Brand Spotlight: Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products sells everything from musical instruments to pet supplies, and patio furniture. They’re a one-stop shop for home and garden needs — but product range alone doesn’t make for a strong brand or hyper-loyal customers.

Recognizing the challenges of reselling in a brand-obsessed market, Best Choice Products launched a rewards program that creates additional touchpoints with customers. Customers who follow or share the brand on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter earn points towards future purchases. This creates another opportunity for connection with customers, who will now see Best Choice Products pop up on their social feeds with great deals and other announcements.


Customers can also earn points by writing reviews, answering Q&A, or reading content. All of these activities bring customers into a community where they interact with Best Choice Products more often and reap the benefits of doing so, creating a natural positive bond that makes future purchases a no-brainer.

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