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Last updated on June 1, 2023

Kim Winter
Director of Product Marketing @ Yotpo
April 20th, 2022 | 6 minutes read

Get the inside scoop on all the new product releases and updates announced at Yotpo Tech Talk, including a game-changing SMS feature.

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On April 20th, we held our second Yotpo Tech Talk virtual event. Yotpo Tech Talk is a quarterly event where our product experts share all the latest releases, updates, and announcements, and our attendees can ask questions, get answers, and offer feedback. You can watch the event here, or read the highlights below.

If there’s an overarching theme for this month’s event, it would be about expanding our functionality through greater synergies. Those synergies happen across Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform and with our tech partners. All of these parts come together to create better experiences for customers, and stronger relationships between them and the brands they’re loyal to.

So, what did we announce at the event? So, so much!

Platform Updates

Yotpo X Shopify: Pioneering a no-code world

Yotpo is the first multi-product platform to be fully compatible with Shopify’s new and improved platform experience: Online Store 2.0. OS 2.0 allows eCommerce brands to install compatible apps with a simple drag-and-drop, adjust app settings, and see changes right from the theme editor, without the need to write or manipulate any code. This gives businesses the tools they need to add powerful integrations into their stores without having to rely on development resources.

Learn more about Yotpo’s compatibility with OS 2.0

Integrations: Listrak, Glew, Gatsby, and Tapcart

With over 180 integrations across four different products, Yopto has one of the largest partner ecosystems in the industry! Every quarter, we add dozens of new integrations to make sure that you’re able to easily integrate Yotpo with leading eCommerce apps and platforms to create seamless, engaging, and high-converting shopping experiences using rich customer data.

  • Listrak: You can now integrate Yotpo SMS & Email with Listrak, making all of Yotpo’s products available with this integration.
  • Glew: With this integration, you can tie your Yotpo-powered data into the rest of their business KPIs to get a more complete view of performance and goals.
  • Gatsby: This integration allows you to amp up your influencer relationships by rewarding loyalty rewards for Instagram posts and stories, TikTok shares, and other social triggers.
  • Tapcart: You can now build customer confidence and drive conversions by showcasing visual UGC galleries within your mobile app.

      Learn more about Yotpo integrations

      Yotpo Loyalty + Yotpo SMS & Email = Even better, together

      We’ve added 12 new cross-product loyalty data points to Yotpo SMS & Email’s advanced segmentation engine, like Points Expiration Date and Loyalty Member Status. This brings us to over 45 data points that you can use to create hyper-targeted segments and better engage your most loyal customers.

      Product Updates

      Yotpo Reviews & Ratings

      A key theme for Yotpo Reviews this year is enhanced visibility — not only into your review requests, reviews, and overall customer sentiment, but also in truly understanding product insights thanks to feedback from customers. Here are the new features that will help you get a deeper understanding of your customers:

      • Reviews Dashboard: Our newest bird’s-eye view into your automatic review requests  allows you to see which review requests have been scheduled, sent, opened, reviewed, and more.
      • Reviews Tagging: Easily and efficiently manage your reviews by classifying them into different buckets such as shipping, good customer service, top shopper, needs follow up, and more.
      • Reviews Reporting: Get product insights at a glance with the exact data you need. Export reviews data using dates, reviews attributes, tags, and advanced filters to home in on the most relevant details and provide more information for each review.

          Building on the theme of visibility and our relationship with Meta, we’ve also released a new email reporting tool. If you’re syndicating your Yotpo Reviews to Shops on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll now have an effortless way to get automated reports of which reviews are syndicating properly to your Shops — along with helpful documentation and data on how to fix any issues.

          Buzzy skincare brand Hero Cosmetics is one of our early adopters of the syndication feature, and they’ve seen great results so far. Alan Kwok, Hero’s Growth Lead, had an illuminating conversation with us during Tech Talk about his experience.

          Yotpo SMS & Email

          We shared tons of news about SMS, but the biggest is that SMSBump is now Yotpo SMS & Email. Everything you know and love about SMSBump remains the same, but we’ve updated the official name and logo so that it truly feels like a part of the Yotpo family. But this update goes beyond branding — we’ve expanded the team to include more dedicated customer support, and more product and development resources to build out exciting new features and capabilities.

          Another big announcement for Yotpo SMS & Email is the launch of Click-to-Buy, which allows your customers to check out by simply clicking on a link in a text. With Click to Buy, customers can purchase their favorite products as quickly as it takes to respond to a text, for an absolutely frictionless shopping journey that mobile shoppers want. Sticky Digital, one of our valued agency partners, has been beta testing Click to Buy with their clients, and Nikki Toomin, the agency’s Co-Founder, joined us at Yotpo Tech Talk to chat about her experience.

          And that’s not all! We’ve rolled out three new SMS subscriber collection tools that are available to all Yotpo customers — Keyword, Social Opt-In, and QR Code. We’ve also made a really exciting update to one of your favorite subscriber collection tools: the pop-up. After countless A/B tests, we’ve come up with the highest converting pop-up in the industry: Yotpo SMS & Email’s Dynamic Pop-Up Collection.

          Finally, Shopify recently changed their approach to transactional messaging. On March 25th, transactional SMS notifications from Shopify defaulted to non-customizable templates, and Shopify recommended that brands seek out SMS providers to continue sending on-brand, customized messages. Fortunately with Yotpo SMS & Email (the top-rated SMS solution in Shopify’s app store), you can deliver these engaging, on-brand messages to your customers — from order confirmation all the way through to delivery and beyond. Add your brand’s personal touch to every transactional text message you send to guarantee higher engagement and build stronger credibility and trust with your customers.

          Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

          Over the last several months, our Product Teams have been working hard to give brands a solution for data accessibility and empower them to deliver hyper-personalized, dynamic customer interactions. That solution? Our new Segmentation Engine — powered by cross-platform data. By unifying loyalty program data, customer sentiment, and engagement behavior, we’re unlocking endless opportunities for you to get to know customers better and build stronger connections with them.

          This initial release of the Segmentation Engine allows you to easily build segments based on over 20 customer data points. Over the next few months, we’ll be working on exciting innovations, including adding reviews data to segments, and creating loyalty program-related segments powered by machine learning and predictive analytics.

          We are so thrilled to bring you these new innovations, and we can’t wait to see what kind of customer experiences you create with them. See you at the next Yotpo Tech Talk!