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What Do Verified Buyer, Verified User, and Anonymous Mean?

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Video Transcript:

Trust and authentic reviews are the most important thing for us. Yotpo offers three levels of trust and transparency. When users write reviews through the Mail After Purchase email, they are published as a “Verified Buyer” since we know they bought the product they are reviewing. When users write reviews on the website itself, they get an email to verify their review. Once they verify their email address, they get a “Verified Reviewer” badge. This badge will also be awarded to people posting using social accounts. If they do not verify their review through either of these means, they are considered an “Anonymous” reviewer.

Pola Zen
Pola Zen,
Pola is a content strategist. A storyteller at heart, she is fascinated by how the right content has the power to connect people to people, ideas, and brands.
  • Glenn Ko

    Under “Pending for web” list under Yopto moderate panel, how do you check from the review that it’s respective user (that made the review) is a Verified Buyer, Verified User, etc. instead of Anonymous?

    Do they auto-detect Verified Buyer if they bought the product online through Shopify/respective CMS integration, but outside of the Mail After Purchase scheme?

    • Doug Baltman

      Hi Glenn, good question! We auto-detect if the person wrote the review via the Mail After Purchase email. It’s not something you assign in Moderation. In Moderation, you can check the Order ID to see whether the review is associated with an order or not. Hope that helps!

      • Glenn Ko

        Hmm, there is no order id being shown (except for a To: {{page url where review was made}}). In my case, this page url might be a private user account page on the site). What if the review is made remotely without Mail After Purchase, but the Shopify customer already did currently had 1 or more order ids for that product under his account? Will it be able to auto-detect that the customer had ordered it already, but made the review ***OUTSIDE*** of Mail After Purchase? Somehow, Yopto isn’t sending notification to Swell for a given customer that had already ordered such a given product before and had a published review. Shouldn’t it (after email verification to flag the user as Verified User) run a scan of all the orders being made by the shopify’s customer account under that verified user email, and if there’s at least >=1 COUNT orders matching for that product, consider him as a Verified buyer as well?

        • Doug Baltman

          Hi Glenn, please shoot me an email at dbaltman@yotpo.com and I’ll be able to help you out.

  • Khaled

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  • Stuart Ganis

    You have me listed as a reviewer, I have bought from wcs and royal shave, thank you.

  • Jay Vandorp

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  • James Fineron

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