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October 02, 2017 | Shares:

Outrank Third-Party Review Sites on Google

Make sure shoppers get to your site when they search for reviews about your brand on Google.

The Opportunity:

Reading reviews has become a necessity for anyone thinking about making an online purchase. In fact, a survey of more than 600 online shoppers found that 77.3% of people say reviews impact their decision to make a purchase.

When looking for information about your brand and your service, shoppers will usually type your company’s name and “reviews” in a Google search. Unfortunately, your business is unlikely to be the first thing they see when inputting those search keywords.

Before ever reaching your site and seeing your products for themselves, they’re likely to see your store reviewed on third-party sites, like Yelp or Angie’s List, where your business might be listed alongside competitors. Many shoppers won’t even make it all the way to your site. Despite having already typed your brand name into Google, they may never browse through the products in your store.

The Solution:

Yotpo’s brand new SEO Page was created to bring this high-intent traffic to your site first. It aggregates all your site reviews and star ratings in a single dedicated page on your website, where it is easily and effectively crawled by Google.

Once you implement this feature, you’ll be able to improve your search ranking and stand out from your competitors with site-level Rich Snippets, which allow potential customers to see your star rating and learn a bit about your store instantly in their search results. This will drive incoming traffic away from third-party sites and toward your store, where shoppers can read your approved reviews and continue directly to purchase.

Generating reviews on your own site, instead of on a third-party site like Yelp, also means that you own all that original content — the key to successful SEO. The combination of owning your content, displaying it on your SEO Page, and implementing site-level Rich Snippets gives you the most powerful solutions for increasing traffic to your site and maintaining control over your brand’s reputation.

How It’s Done:

Enjoying the benefits of the SEO Page is super simple. All you have to do is allow Yotpo to display your site reviews on a dedicated page on your website, and add the word “reviews” to the end of the URL (you can see an example here). Google will take care of the rest.

The site reviews generated and displayed on the SEO Page provide fresh content for Google crawling algorithms. In other words, this page is designed to outrank third-party review sites and aggregators in searches for reviews of your brand.

With a bit of basic development work, you can also display Site Rich Snippets (on supported platforms), which show your aggregated star rating and number of reviews in organic search results. This small change can increase the click-through rate to your site by 30%.

Yotpo’s new SEO Page joins our already robust SEO toolkit created to help your business improve search rankings and increase CTR from organic Google searches.

The SEO Page is available on all of our plans.

Michelle Bitran
Michelle Bitran, Blog Manager @ Yotpo
Michelle is a Canadian living in Tel Aviv. She loves knitting and the beach, but not knitting at the beach.
  • Sean

    Is this different than the dedicated review page that already existed or is it a rebrand?

    • sounds like it’s a brand new page on your website; ”allow Yotpo to display your site reviews on a dedicated page on your website”

  • James

    Would LOVE to implement this on my site, but it doesn’t actually say how to do it!

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