Last updated on December 28, 2022

Moran Khoubian
Director of Global Partner Marketing
September 22nd, 2021

We’re excited to release a new Partner Portal to simplify how we partner and provide best-in-class partner experiences.

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This release marks another massive investment in Yotpo’s global partner ecosystem, following the launch of the advanced Agency Partner Program this past May. The Partner Portal will strengthen relationships between Yotpo and our agency partners by reshaping the partnership experience to make it as simple and easy as possible. 

Putting our partner community first 

As a partner-first organization, we strive to continuously evolve our Partner Program based on the needs of our ecosystem. With almost a decade of experience working with agencies across the globe, we have made it a priority to consistently collect feedback on how we can  improve the way we partner. The new Partner Portal was designed with our community’s priorities in mind, directly incorporating your feedback and suggestions into the tool. 

Accelerating global channel growth

The eCommerce industry is booming and Yotpo has seen exponential growth alongside our incredible partner ecosystem. In the last year, we expanded our global presence to better serve and support our partners and their clients in 31 countries, across North America, EMEA, Australia, and New Zealand. As a result of our continued investment, we saw high growth in the number of global engaged partners that are actively recommending and integrating Yotpo for their clients.

As we continue to expand and drive shared value to thousands of merchants globally, we’re doubling down on our investment in our partner community. The Partner Portal represents a significant development for the Yotpo Partner Program, providing a strong foundation for our elevated partner experience and the infrastructure to accelerate even more growth

Taking the partner experience to the next level 

Our Partner Managers are the cornerstone of our program and that personalized touch and service will remain a key to our shared success. The Partner Portal is an additional tool that is designed to allow Yotpo’s agency partners to easily manage every aspect of their partnership all in one place. The main pillars and functionalities of the new Yotpo partner experience include:

  • Accelerated partnership: We understand that visibility is a top priority for many of our agency partners, which is why we ensured this was a key component of the portal. Partners can gain visibility into their current partnership status, measure progress towards reaching the next tier, and quickly understand key partnership metrics. 
  • Manage client referrals to Yotpo: Referring new clients has never been easier! One-click referral process and immediate visibility on the referral status and next steps for both net new opportunities and product expansion in existing accounts. 
  • Centralized benefits and payouts process: Partners can access a simple and centralized view to handle all payouts from Yotpo.
  • Educational collateral hub: Partners will have access to on-demand educational materials that will help to improve product knowledge and position Yotpo’s platform with clients, as well as new programs to get them one step closer in becoming eCommerce Marketing experts.

By removing barriers, simplifying the partnership processes, and providing maximum visibility, the Partner Portal will allow Yotpo agency partners to focus their energy on their areas of expertise and build amazing eCommerce customer experiences for merchants, powered by Yotpo’s eCommerce Marketing Platform.

Accessing the Partner Portal 

At the first stage of release, the Partner Portal is open to official agency partners only. In order to access the portal, an agency must be qualified as a partner by the Yotpo Partner Team and have signed the new standard partnership agreement. 

While the first release is open to agency partners, the Partner Portal will soon become the foundation for all partners at Yotpo. Stay tuned for more details!   

Continuing enhancements to the Partner Portal

We have some exciting developments coming up very soon! As the first official launch of the Yotpo Partner Portal, this is just the beginning. We will continue to enhance the portal with new features and capabilities over the next year in order to keep improving and simplifying the way we partner. Here are some exciting enhancements to look forward to:

  • We understand that seamless delivery makes a world of difference, so we’ll be rolling out an exclusive support ticket system. It will allow you to create support tickets that will be automatically escalated as high-priority tickets and provide you with full visibility into the ticket status and time to resolution.
  • We will be adding even more materials and videos to enhance the collateral library and help our partners support their clients.
  • We will be rolling out product certifications and enablement with all of the training resources you need to become experts in Yotpo’s eCommerce Marketing Platform. 


The Partner Portal, combined with Yotpo’s uniquely dedicated and highly engaged Partner Managers, delivers on Yotpo’s promise of a superior partner experience for our wide community of partners, globally. Here’s to simplifying the way we partner and scale, together. 

For more information about Yotpo’s Partner Program or to apply to become a partner, click here. If you’re already an official partner, you can log into the portal here