Image Credit: Yotpo Studio
Melanie Koss
Customer Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
January 11th, 2018

Track the performance of your email requests and optimize every customer touchpoint as you scale.

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The brands that thrive today are those that optimize every step of their customers’ journey. But maintaining full visibility over the details of every customer touchpoint can be a challenge as you scale. And when you’re sending email requests to customers in the hundreds or even thousands — it’s nearly impossible.

The new Email Analytics Dashboard makes understanding each customer interaction more manageable by providing a go-to place for a detailed view of the performance of each of your content generation emails, so you don’t waste any time digging through the data to see what’s working and what isn’t.

What Is the Email Analytics Dashboard?

Available on all Yotpo packages, the Email Analytics Dashboard gives you a view of the bigger picture when it comes to your customer interactions by providing key metrics for each type of email request.

Track the overall performance of all review requests, Q&A requests and coupon emails sent to your customers, or drill down into each email type to understand trends and quickly identify areas for improvement.

Designed to give you the data you need to understand your customers, the Email Analytics dashboard empowers your team to get moving quickly on optimizing every email request so you can get more content to your site.

What Does It Help You Do?

Keep track
The dashboard is divided into three sections — review requests, Q&A requests, and coupon emails — so you can see the performance of each of your requests. Track which emails have been opened, which have generated the highest response rates, and where you need to improve.

Drill down
Use the dashboard to understand the key metrics of your customer emails right down to the specific email and customer. The dashboard gives you the flexibility to filter down into each email type, including MAPs, reminders, questions to past buyers, as well as to see the amount of unsubscribes. You can also export the data or use Yotpo’s open API for further analysis into each email type.

Act fast
See how changes in your email’s subject line, text, and look & feel affect open rates, and A/B test different options to determine which works better. Uncover powerful customer insights by identifying interesting trends over time, and apply these to your team’s overall outreach strategy to maximize each interaction.

Know Your UGC From Every Angle

Businesses that have optimized their email requests using insights provided by the Email Analytics Dashboard are already seeing 30-40% increase in content generation.

Yotpo’s comprehensive analytics solution provides you with the tools you need to have full visibility when it comes to your UGC.

Using the Conversion, Reviews, Email Analytics, and Photos Dashboards, you have total access to the metrics that matter most in ensuring you get maximum value from your Yotpo assets.