Analysis of Consumer Engagement With User-Generated Content

Last updated on December 28, 2022

We’ve long known that shoppers are actively seeking out customer reviews, photos, and other types of user-generated content (UGC) to better inform their purchase decisions. However, self-reported data only goes so far in understanding the real extent that UGC plays a part in the consumer buying journey.

A Yotpo study of on-site consumer behavior found that nearly ⅓ of all visitors to eCommerce sites click to view customer photos or read reviews. In some industries, such as electronics, this number is over 40%.

And this is just website visitors! When you look at the shoppers that end up buying, the numbers are even more staggering. On average, 55% of customers engage with UGC before making a purchase.

So, many people who visit your site will see UGC, but the ones who purchase almost certainly have.