Last updated on March 1, 2024

Apeksha Rao
Content Marketing ANZ
February 21st, 2024

Hey… This is not going to be easy, but it needs to be done. You’ve got to break up with your current email marketing solution.

We know you’re only with them because it feels familiar, and it’s what you know. But when you look back at the end of the year and think about all that you could have achieved, in all the ways you could have grown with the right email service provider, it will hurt even more. Hence the intervention. 

We see all the ways your email solution is letting you down, but you keep letting it slide, because someone once told you that you had to compromise to make relationships work. We can’t see you suffer like this and want to chat about what we see.

They don’t support you
As a marketer, you’re already juggling everything from strategy to campaign execution and analytics. And sometimes you just want to lean on your email provider to talk your problems through – not figure it out on your own by reading support docs or pinging a chat bot. It’s not just about being short on time, sometimes you simply don’t have the emotional bandwidth for it. You crave that 1:1 connection, but unfortunately for you, your email provider simply cannot offer you that.

They don’t fulfil your needs
This one’s hard to talk about. Deep down, you know you’re not getting the most out of your email solution. And you know you deserve more. Segmentation that goes beyond customer attributes? Strategic input on campaigns? Optimising for deliverability and performance? In a healthy, supportive partnership, these conversations happen organically, with a dedicated rep in the same time zone as you. But you’re out there batching and blasting emails, hoping they convert (or even get delivered in the first place). It kills us to see you like this, especially given what it costs you as well.

They are inflexible and hold you back
Okay just answer this. How many emails do you send every month? We’re willing to bet it begins with a “Depends…”. We know that the number of emails you plan to send can go up or down, sometimes at the last minute. So asking you to pay a flat fee for a static list of subscribers – regardless of email volume or your segmentation strategy – is just cruel. Shouldn’t you just be able to pay for what you send every month based on your needs? And should you be penalised when your subscriber count increases? 

Look, we know all this is a lot to process. But it’s important to confront these feelings. Here… We made you a cuppa to make you feel better.

You know what you deserve? An email solution that understands you and is willing to give you everything you deserve. Yotpo Email was built from scratch to be the email solution that ecommerce marketers love. With a dedicated team (of actual humans) just a call away and more flexible pricing that translates into 25-40% savings on average, Yotpo Email may just be what you’ve been waiting for this whole time. Here are three things Yotpo Email is that your current email solution will never be.

It’s email that works for you: With Yotpo email, you don’t just get an email solution, you also get a team of email experts who support you when you really need it. From domain authentication to list warming; growing your subscriber base to orchestrating between channels to maximise ROI: you can lean on our team for strategic support, technical advice, and more. No more waiting anxiously for hours for an unknown entity to tell you your ticket has been resolved. 

It’s email that helps your budget go further: Because you only pay for the emails you send with Yotpo Email, you’ll never have to worry about growing your list. Save budget and engage more effectively by focusing on subscribers who actually want to hear from you. Easily see what’s working, what’s not, and ensure you’re always sending subscribers relevant, thoughtful messages. Tailor campaigns for specific segments based on their interactions with previous messages.

It’s email that gives you time back: If you ever thought no one realises just how much work you do behind the scenes to get those beautiful emails out, don’t worry, we know. It’s why nearly every feature in Yotpo’s email editor is designed to save you time. Do everything in a lot fewer clicks – whether it’s creating images without having to leave the email editor or pulling in 5-star reviews with a simple drag-and-drop action. Create the perfect segment for your SMS and email campaigns in seconds thanks to AI. Same for personalised recommendations based on subscribers’ past purchases. You’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll save with Yotpo Email. That’s time you can finally spend on bigger things like moving the needle on your marketing strategy.


You did so well to hear us out. As humans, we may be hardwired to seek out the familiar, but where comfort ends, growth begins. If your plan for this year is to reach your email goals minus the brutal costs and heartache, break up with your current ESP and talk to our team about Yotpo Email today.