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Stakeholder Management & Implementation Timelines

Understand the responsibilities of the primary stakeholders in the buying process and when each team should be involved throughout implementation.

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There are several primary stakeholders with varying focuses, concerns, and goals for the loyalty program, including marketing, customer service, IT & development, and finance teams. Be prepared to acknowledge who’s responsible for, accountable for, and/or needs to be kept informed of the loyalty program buying process.

Implementation Timeline

Step 1: Program Discovery

Understand and evaluate vendors that align with your business goals.

Who’s involved:

  • Marketing: The marketing team is typically the primary owner of the loyalty program buy-in process. This team will ideate on the program to establish goals and vision and evaluate vendors.
  • Customer Service: As the day-to-day program managers, the customer service team will provide key insights to assess usability.
  • IT & Dev: They’ll scope out the program to ensure the required integrations and back-end infrastructure are intact. They’ll vet the program for necessary integration into your existing tech stack.
  • Finance & Legal: Your finance and legal teams are responsible for the terms and conditions of the program. They’ll assess the cost and financial viability of your solution.

Step 2: Strategy & Framework Setting

Build a program that incentivizes your intended customer behaviors.

Who’s involved:

  • Marketing: They’ll define the benefits scheme, look and feel, and launch strategy.
  • Finance & Legal: They’ll determine the point expiration plan and monitor your liability budget.

Step 3: Launch

Design, configure, and develop the program within your tech stack.

Who’s involved:

  • Marketing: They’ll evaluate and sign off on the look and feel.
  • IT & Dev: They’ll handle the technical implementation on the front and back end of your site.

Step 4: Ongoing Management

Understand and prepare the relevant teams that will work within the program regularly.

Who’s involved:

  • Customer Service: They will need to understand the program framework, rules, and logic. They’ll field incoming tickets and support requests for new and existing members.
  • Marketing: They’ll own the program strategy and campaign management going forward.
  • Finance & Legal: They’ll handle business reporting and performance against your KPIs.