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Break down the benefits to understand which loyalty program type will best meet your business objectives.

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Deciding on the right provider for your organization comes down to the level of control your team seeks to have over your program and data.

Choosing a loyalty provider

Under pressure to access and leverage data quickly and easily across the organization, many enterprise marketing teams prefer a provider that gives them ownership over their program. Many teams prioritize the ability to update and iterate a program in-house, rather than rely on service providers to enact and deploy changes, in order to maximize agility and mitigate disconnect.

While leaving your loyalty program to a managed services provider can relieve your organization of an additional channel, the market is primarily moving more comprehensively toward pure-play solutions. The SaaS-based loyalty platforms provide enterprise teams with the customer data necessary for applications beyond loyalty, including customer service and marketing efforts, and they function as a strategic advisor and partner, helping to establish and grow your program with you.

Takeaway: Pure-Play Providers

A pure-play loyalty provider is recommended for established, enterprise-grade organizations with a well-developed customer relationship management (CRM) system and an existing customer data platform (CDP). This solution type is ideal for businesses who prioritize accessibility to their data and wish to control their program as they see fit. Businesses that would like to leverage the data they collect across additional marketing channels should also look to a pure-play solution provider.

Takeaway: Managed Services Providers

A loyalty managed services provider is recommended for in-house teams that lack the bandwidth or expertise to build and manage their own loyalty solution. A services provider is ideal for an organization that prefers an outsourced solution and does not plan to leverage the customer data to enhance their loyalty program or other marketing channels. A services provider is a solution for a business that has no need to interact with or manage the program in an agile, personalized way.

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