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Rising Star

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Cutting-edge agency that is paving the way for growing eCommerce businesses, has demonstrated innovative growth strategies for customers and is committed to building a strong, lasting relationship with Yotpo.

SLTWTR is a nimble team of designer-developers from the worlds of branding and lifestyle, offering design and technology services along with digital tools built specifically for lifestyle-inspired e-commerce.

Volcom partners with SLTWTR and Yotpo to create a unified loyalty experience

Volcom is a lifestyle brand known for its apparel, accessories, and gear inspired by skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing culture, offering a range of products for active lifestyles. The brand had trouble providing a smooth experience for its customers when it came to earning and redeeming loyalty points for in-store purchases, resulting in lost revenue and hindered brand engagement opportunities. They sought help from SLTWTR, who developed a middleware platform to bridge the gap between in-store transactions and the online loyalty platform. This made it easier for customers to earn and redeem rewards and simplified the process, resulting in more repeat store visits, website traffic, and revenue for loyal customers.

To further improve the loyalty program, Volcom integrated Yotpo Loyalty, which made it even easier for customers to earn and redeem rewards. The middleware platform also streamlined internal processes, making it easier for Volcom’s team to manage and maintain the loyalty program. All of these changes combined ultimately resulted in a better customer experience and increased revenue for the company.


The partnership between SLTWTR and Yotpo highlights the transformative outcomes that can be realized through combining innovation and technology. Collaborating closely with Yotpo has been a significant approach for SLTWTR, and has resulted in providing more value and assistance to shared customers.

"Through our partnership with Yotpo, we're enhancing the value we bring to our mutual clients by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge review management and customer loyalty solutions. Together, we empower businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers, drive brand loyalty, and unlock new avenues for growth."
Eric Panofsky

Founder and Chief Designer+Developer, SLTWTR, Inc.

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