Yotpo Partner Awards 2024 | The Winners

Best eComm Expert


Best eComm Expert


Leading player in the eComm ecosystem, taking the industry to the next level through consulting, thought leadership, and product advocacy. Expert at driving sales, building loyalty with customers, and helping brands stay top-of-mind and increase retention.

Learn Ecommerce with Paul Waddy was designed to advise fast-growing e-commerce brands to double their profits in 1-2 years, and help beginners start a profitable online business in under 90 days.

Shosai successfully launches a powerful rebrand with help from Learn Ecommerce with Paul Waddy and Yotpo SMS

Shosai offers a curated selection of sustainable and minimalist lifestyle products, focusing on eco-friendly alternatives for everyday essentials.

Shosai had clear and ambitious goals to relaunch their brand with significant impact, build a substantial SMS and email list before the launch, generate significant opening-day sales figures, and achieve fast working capital without relying too much on paid media. Shosai partnered with Learn Ecommerce with Paul Waddy to achieve these objectives and used Yotpo’s dynamic SMS service to build anticipation for the brand’s rebirth.

Yotpo’s personalized onboarding made it easy for Shosai’s team to focus on crafting impactful, direct, and engaging SMS campaigns that directly reached prospective customers. Shosai enticed potential buyers with early access through SMS subscription and consistent teasers about the relaunch, building a sense of community and excitement. After purchase, customers receive personalized SMS messages from the brand’s founder, thanking them and announcing surprise promotions, such as a random order refund.

Thanks to the Yotpo SMS campaign, Shosai achieved a ground-breaking $85k sales on launch day. The SMS list, formed as the central call-to-action pre-launch, revealed its power through impressive open and Click-Through Rates, catalyzing a resonance and reach that went far beyond initial projections. Since the relaunch day, Shosai has continued to use Yotpo’s platform to maintain a personalized dialogue with its customer base, fostering an ongoing relationship that translates into sustained sales.

Learn Ecommerce with Paul Waddy considers the partnership with Yotpo to be more than just a business arrangement. For the team, it’s a collaborative journey towards redefining eCommerce success. This partnership brings numerous benefits, including generating and expanding joint business opportunities, a deep commitment to the partnership, and engagement with joint marketing and enablement efforts. Together, they have successfully driven mutual business growth and set new standards in the industry, benefiting mutual clients and the eCommerce community as a whole.

“My partnership with Yotpo has been a cornerstone of my approach to driving eCommerce success, both for my clients and within our mutual business endeavors. This relationship is built on shared goals, innovative collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. Partnering with Yotpo is a no-brainer for me - the support my clients get, the speed of the onboarding, and the large suite of products they have made it easy for me to do my job, helping online retailers grow their sales and profits.”
Paul Waddy

Founder, Learn Ecommerce

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