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Rising Star


Rising Star


Cutting-edge agency that is paving the way for growing eCommerce businesses, has demonstrated innovative growth strategies for customers and is committed to building a strong, lasting relationship with Yotpo.

WIRO is an eCommerce Agency that champions a threefold approach: strategy, Customer Experience (UX), and Development, all rooted in data and best-in-class technologies.

WIRO helps Wright Bros leverage Yotpo Reviews & VUGC to build consumer trust

The Wright Brothers is a seafood restaurant and supplier specializing in the UK’s sustainably sourced oysters and shellfish. Wright Bros approached WIRO for assistance in expanding the direct-to-consumer side of their business. Their business had been primarily focused on trading with other businesses, but the COVID-19 pandemic opened up the opportunity to increase their direct sales as well. However, when they began selling directly to the public, Wright Bros realized they lacked user-generated content reviews and an online brand presence that consumers could rely on.

To address this issue, WIRO suggested that the brand implement Yotpo Reviews & VUGC. This allowed them to use content from consumer purchases and add reviews directly to the product and collection pages, and enabled potential customers to view the product in an authentic light based on their previous purchases. The reviews’ strategic placement also helped to increase repeat orders and LTV.

In August 2023, Wright Brothers launched Yotpo Rewards & Loyalty, resulting in a 17% conversion rate and customer retention increase.

Yotpo’s comprehensive platform has empowered WIRO to deliver exceptional value to its clients by enhancing its online presence and driving tangible results. WIRO uses Yotpo’s robust suite of tools to seamlessly integrate user-generated content into its clients’ marketing strategies, including collecting and showcasing customer reviews and ratings and leveraging social proof across various channels. This has significantly boosted their clients’ credibility and conversion rates, leading to measurable business growth.

“What truly sets Yotpo apart is their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Their team of experts provides unparalleled support, guiding us every step of the way to ensure our clients achieve their goals. With Yotpo’s advanced analytics and insights, we can continually refine our strategies and optimize performance. Thanks to our partnership with Yotpo, we’ve exceeded our clients’ expectations, strengthened their brands, and drove impactful results. We wholeheartedly recommend Yotpo to any agency looking to elevate their services and deliver exceptional value to their clients.”
Anna Vardikyan

Lead Project Manager, WIRO

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