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Rising Star


Rising Star


Cutting-edge agency that is paving the way for growing eCommerce businesses, has demonstrated innovative growth strategies for customers and is committed to building a strong, lasting relationship with Yotpo.

DotCollective specializes in crafting omnichannel eCommerce solutions that create efficiency, increase conversions, and improve customer experience.

DotCollective Increases customer retention and CLTV for TWOOBS with Yotpo Loyalty

TWOOBS is a sustainable footwear brand known for its stylish and versatile sandals made from recycled materials. Despite having a successful acquisition strategy through owned channels, TWOOBS approached DotCollective for assistance when it faced difficulties retaining customers and increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV).

DotCollective suggested adopting a Yotpo Loyalty program aligned with TWOOBS’ unique vision, offering essential features and customization options. Yotpo’s seamless integration and proven track record in improving customer retention made them the ideal choice for TWOOBS’ loyalty program needs. Yotpo’s platform and product synergies provided significant benefits to TWOOBS across multiple areas when they rolled out their “Goody Two Shoes” loyalty program. First, Yotpo’s Loyalty & Rewards module enabled TWOOBS to implement a unique loyalty program, enhancing customer retention by incentivizing repeat purchases and rewarding loyal customers. Next, Yotpo’s platform facilitated a personalized buyer journey for TWOOBS’ customers. Through targeted messaging and rewards at each loyalty level, TWOOBS could effectively engage customers and guide them through a rewarding shopping experience. Finally, Yotpo’s integration allowed TWOOBS to streamline post-purchase experiences, offering seamless online and in-store reward redemption. This enhanced convenience and customer satisfaction, contributing to a positive brand experience

Yotpo empowered TWOOBS to improve customer retention, enhance the buyer journey, and optimize post-purchase experiences—resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The measurable improvements across various key metrics were highly positive:

  • Encouraged returning customer sales increased by 25%
  • Doubled the repeat purchase rate for participating customers
  • Boosting Advanced Total Transaction Value (ATV) for top-level loyalty program customers, almost tripling that of level-one customers.
  • Enhanced on-site conversion rates through targeted messaging and rewards at each loyalty level enhance customer engagement and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Increased ATV, with redeeming customers spending an additional $42 compared to non-redeemers.

The partnership between DotCollective and Yotpo is crucial for both teams to achieve mutual success. They are more than just business partners and work closely together on strategic initiatives such as account mapping and joint marketing campaigns. The teams also collaborate on product offerings and services to better serve their customers.

“DotCollective's partnership with Yotpo goes beyond business collaboration; it's about driving mutual success and creating unparalleled value for our clients. By integrating Yotpo's solutions into our offerings and expertise, we help our mutual clients uplift customer engagement, drive loyalty, and optimize their e-commerce strategies effectively.”
Samantha Doctora

Product Manager, DotApparel

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